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Senior Schools and 11 Plus

Destination Schools

We are proud of the variety of senior schools that our children go to and work closely with parents to choose the right school for their child from Year 5.


2016-2023 Destinations at 11+

Please click here to view our 2016-2023 destinations at 11+.


2016-2023 Destinations at 13+

Please click here to view our 2016-2023 destinations at 13+.

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11+ (Kent Test)

At St Michael’s Prep the option to take the 11+ (Kent Test) is open to every child in Year 6. 

During the Lent and Trinity Terms in Year 5, parents meet with our Head, Deputy Head Academic and our Head of Examinations so that we can support each family with their senior school choices. We will advise of the likelihood of their child passing the test and support the decision of the family as to whether or not the child is entered. Referring the average CAT score can be a useful indicator in our discussions but it does not define the result. 

Children leave St Michael’s Prep to a range of senior schools and this information also affects who decides to sit the 11+ examination. Independent senior schools do not require applicants to sit the 11+ which may also factor into the decision and our results. Each cohort and each individual is different; our personalised support helps families to make their decision. 

Please click here to view our pupils’ 11+ results over the past five years. 

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