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Vision, Aims and Ethos

We aim to:

  • Help children develop self-confidence, self-awareness, perseverance and determination
  • Ensure that all pupils are considerate, courteous and collaborative, displaying high standards of manners and behaviour
  • Support our children in cultivating self-discipline, resilience, initiative and respect

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We aim to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, recognising that how children learn is as important as what they learn
  • Prepare our pupils thoroughly, ensuring that they achieve their best and have a smooth transition to their future schools
  • Pursue wisdom: develop lively and inquiring minds and a growth mindset approach to learning and life
  • Encourage our children to think critically, express themselves confidently, assume responsibility for and develop independence in their learning​

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We aim to:

  • Cultivate a sense of gratitude and joy in the wonder of the universe and a sense of responsibility for our environment as global citizens
  • Ensure that difference is celebrated and all children feel a sense of belonging as part a diverse and inclusive community
  • Foster in our children a clear set of moral and spiritual parameters, a sense of fair play, respect for truth, compassion, empathy and challenge injustice
  • Enable and encourage all pupils to participate fully in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities that will help develop good mental health and wellbeing

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St Michael’s is a co-educational, inclusive school for children aged 2-13 years old. 

Joy is at the heart of life at St Michael’s: the joy of our children, the joy of our community and the Joy and Wonder of Learning. St Michael’s is driven by a passionate belief in the value and power of learning: for children, for teachers, for parents and everyone who comes into contact with us.

St Michael’s is an inclusive school where each individual is known, valued and celebrated. We want our children to embrace each day and be inspired by their lessons and co-curricular activities.

St Michael's takes great pride in its strong community where families from all nationalities, faiths and backgrounds feel a sense of belonging. St Michael's is a Christian school and a place where families from all faiths and none are welcome. 

We believe in providing a rounded education where children can pursue their passions, challenge themselves and enjoy a creative and innovative curriculum. We are continually looking for ways to improve in step with our ever-changing world.


Access to our 100-acre site plays an important role in the pupils’ learning and growth, developing them into mindful and knowledgeable citizens who will care for their environments throughout their lives.

Our growth mindset approach to teaching and learning ensures that every child understands the value of failure in their path to success. St Michael’s children are not afraid to get things wrong, or judgemental of others’ mistakes, and this is something they carry with them.

Our school motto: perseverantia, sapientia, gratia (perseverance, wisdom and gratitude) encapsulates our ethos of striving for success and using our skills to make a difference. These values are instilled daily throughout the St Michael’s journey.

St Michael’s actively manages the inclusion of its people and values human diversity, believing that our different ways of being and thinking adds value to our school community. We are committed to creating and sustaining a more ethnically diverse workforce.


We are working hard to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels welcome, included and that they belong. We celebrate difference and are very proud of the diversity within our school community.

We strongly believe that in order to teach our children about the importance of life-long learning, we must first model this ourselves. Our staff undergo regular professional development and parents are also invited to a range of workshops on relevant topics.

We are confident that when our pupils move on from St Michael’s, they will use the wisdom, skills and values that we taught them to make a positive change in the world.

St Michael's is over 150 years old and many children have gone on from the school knowing they have a responsibility to lead change. Generations of St Michael's pupils are making their impact in the world and will continue to do so for many years to come.