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The Governors and Head of St Michael’s Prep School are committed to broadening access to the school by offering eligible parents and guardians financial support with the payment of school fees.

A bursary is awarded depending on the financial, compassionate or other relevant circumstances of applicants. For example, as well as current earnings, other factors such as financial obligations to care for elderly or other dependents will be taken into account. The services of an external company are used to help make these judgements.

Each pupil who is offered support must, in the opinion of the Head, be likely to make sound academic progress and have the potential to develop the quality of their work and benefit from the wider activities on offer at our school. Each applicant should also meet St Michael’s Prep School’s admission requirements. 

If you are interested and would like to have a confidential conversation about applying for a bursary, please contact Jane Thornton, Director of Admissions & Marketing, on 01959 526042.

Please be mindful of the fact that you will need to complete the normal registration process and have been offered and accepted a place before you can apply for a bursary. 

Please be aware that bursaries are only available to children in Year 3 and above.

Deadline for September 2024 bursary applications: Friday 12th January 2024 for current bursary holders and Friday 29th March 2024 for new applicants.

Bursary Application Form

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