School fees

Termly Fees 2020/21

Nursery Morning Session (8.15am – 12 noon) 2+ £407 per morning session per term
Nursery Full Day (8.15 – 3.20pm) £865 per day per term
Kindergarten Morning Session (8.15 – 12 noon) 3+ £407 per morning session per term
Kindergarten Full Day (8.15 – 3.20pm) £865 per day per term
Reception to Year 2 4+ to 6+ £4,070 per term
There are two options for Morning Sessions in Nursery:

Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings




Kindergarten sessions are a minimum of 4 per week


£814 per term

£1,221 per term



Years 3 to 4 7+ to 8+ £4,685 per term
Years 5 to 8 9+ to 13+ £4,945 per term

Fees are inclusive of stationery, a hot lunch and snack and include Personal Accident Insurance. For details, please click here.


Fees are due in advance on the first day of term – 7/9/20, 7/1/21 and 20/4/21.
Thereafter a surcharge of 3% per annum above the base rate may be added to the outstanding sum.

A late payment fee of £100 will be applied if fees remain unpaid after 21 days from the due date.

A copy of our terms and conditions is available on the School website:


A minimum of one term’s notice, in writing, must be given of a pupil’s withdrawal from the school.
Otherwise full fees will be charged in lieu of notice as detailed in our terms and conditions.


Applications to pay school fees yearly in advance should be made in writing to the Finance Bursar by 19th June 2020. Fees must be paid by 3rd July 2020.

A discount of 1% is made for this facility and is available for pupils from Reception to Year 8.
Payments not received in time will revert to the standard terms and conditions.


This is an optional scheme which refunds school fees in certain circumstances if a pupil misses school because of illness or injury.
The cost of participation is charged at 1.05% of the termly fee.
For further details and an application form to join the scheme, please see below

SFRS September 2020 Existing Pupils                                  SFRS September 2020 New Pupils


THE HIVE Charges from 4pm – 7pm All rates are per day per week
Bookings half-termly in advance:
1 hour £36.50 per half term
2 hours £73.00 per half term
3 hours £110.00 per half term
Tea £15.50 per half term
Short term Daily Bookings:
1 hour £8.00 per day
2 hours £16.00 per day
3 hours £24.00 per day
Tea £3.00 per day
Charges by the hour only, no pro-rata rate
Late Collection Fee from 7pm £10 per 15 minutes
Half-termly bookings for The Hive and Breakfast Club must be made by the last day of the preceding half term, otherwise the short term daily rate will apply.


BREAKFAST CLUB Charges from 7.30 – 8am
Bookings half-termly in advance £36.00 per day per half-term including breakfast
Short term Daily Bookings £8.00 per day including breakfast

Please contact the Director of Finance & Operations if you have any queries or concerns.

Click on the image below for information about the School Fee Plan: