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Forest School


At St Michael’s Prep, Reception and Year 1 pupils attend Forest School for one session a week.

Forest School canopy

The main focus of Forest School is exploring, discovery and self-directed play. Through play, the children develop skills including independence, problem solving and resilience as well as experiencing things that they wouldn’t in a normal school day.

Whilst the main focus of every session is play, the children have the opportunity to use simple tools, learn basic knots, make camps, dens and most importantly, learn how to behave safely around a fire. The campfire is always very popular, mainly due to the food and drinks that we make! We cook lots of tasty snacks such as toasted marshmallows, popcorn, pizza wraps and hot chocolate, the list goes on!

Forest School fun

Forest School is the highlight of everyone’s week and with the exception of high winds, we go to our specially developed site whatever the weather; a bit of rain doesn’t stop us when we are dressed in our St Michael’s Forest School clothes.

With each season and change in weather comes a different experience, making every Forest School session unique.