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Pre-Prep Computing


Our Pre-Prep children learn key computing skills from Nursery, expanding on them and exploring new software throughout their Pre-Prep journey.

The children use devices including Code-a-pillars to connect blocks to form an algorithm, programming the toys to navigate from A to B. They also use the product Lego Coding Express to help them learn computing terminology such as sequence.

French Day iPads

In Years 1 and 2, the children use iPads to access the online platform Purple Mash where several coding activities and resources teach them important computing concepts.

In the Trinity (summer) Term, Year 2 are introduced to the Prep ICT Suite where they access their TypingClub accounts and learn how to touch type. When the children move to Year 3, they are familiar with the Prep School’s ICT resources and teachers and ready to discover a new world of computing.

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