Creativity has been the byword this month at The Hive. The children have enjoyed a wide range of different Christmas crafts from fabric and felted wreaths, pom-pom tree decorations, felted trees and stunning festive pom-pom wreaths which were turned into cute reindeers, Christmas puddings and robins. Decorative stone bird ornaments have also been beautifully painted and lush soaps have been made. We would like to say huge thank you to all the children for all their hard work and creative talents in making this year’s Christmas bazaar such a wonderful success and to Tara, our superstar helper, who helped us sell all our wonderful crafts on our stall.

Throughout the month the children have had opportunities to make a large wooden snowmen, participate in our ongoing busy bee wall display, colour in Christmas stockings and Rubix cubes, design and create a lovely jam jar snowman full of yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows as well as bake Pizzas and delicious tasty jam and cream scones, mmmmm, yummy!

The elf on the shelf has been out and about, surprising and entertaining both the Breakfast Club and Hive children. He’s been spotted in a variety of locations like the Breakfast Club’s Cheerios cereal box, hiding amongst the wool, dangling from one of our ceiling tiles and taking a nap in a slipper. He even disappeared for a couple of days and was seen in Tesco’s among the unsuspecting cauliflowers, tee hee!

We would like to leave you with one of our favourite Christmas jokes.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Mary Who?

Mary Christmas!

Wishing you all a ‘Mary’ Christmas, a Happy and ‘Elfie’ New Year!

Mrs Smith and The Hive team


  • St Michael's has gone above and beyond to keep pupils motivated and connected to their classmates during the lockdown period.  

    Year 3 Parent
  • St Michael’s is a wonderful school. Fantastic teachers, a nurturing environment. It has suited our three children who are all very different in their academic and pastoral needs. Thank you.

    Year 6 Parent
  • There are so many exciting opportunities at St Michael's.

    Year 8 pupil
  • We were struck by the warmth and kindness of everyone we met; pupils as well as staff.

    Prospective Parent
  • Every day when I get to school I can't wait for the day ahead.

    Year 3 Pupil
  • I just wanted to say a massive ''thank you'' to the entire team at St. Michael's for making my son's taster day such an awesome experience. His exact words were ''I want to go there forever''!

    Prospective Parent
  • Thank you so much for creating an environment where all kinds of children can flourish! My boys have been loved, nurtured, challenged and celebrated at St Michael's and I am truly grateful.

    Parent of Year 8 Leaver
  • I have really enjoyed my 11 years at St Michael's and I'm very sad to be leaving what I consider a second home.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  

    Year 8 Leaver
  • "St Michael's makes your feel determined and encourages you to never give up on your dreams."  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • "My children are always full of excitement and stories to tell during the car journey home."

    Year 2 Parent
  • "We love learning because the teachers make it fun."    

    Year 5 pupil
  • "Pupils are taught great values and principles."

    Year 7 pupil
  • "There's only one thing wrong with St Michael's: the day isn't long enough!"

    Pre-Prep Parent
  • "Every time I walk into school I feel welcomed and the teachers are always smiling."

    Year 5 Pupil
  • "At St Michael's we work as a team: teachers, pupils and parents."

    Rachel Jeffery, Deputy Head of Pre-Prep