Forest School is proving to be a great success and is a highlight for both the children and adults each week!

Spending time at Forest school provides the children with the opportunity to explore, evaluate and take risks, cooperate and develop new friendships, build their fine and gross motor skill and to learn new skills. What we do adds to and develops what the children have learnt in class and we have already seen the positive effects on their confidence and relationships.

We are now regularly having a fire at our sessions and children have been taught how to behave safely; they all kneel in the ‘respect’ position when they are near it. They have been using small tools to cut wood, hammer nails and fasten pieces together using screws. These activities are child-led, they have been taught how to use the tools safely and thoroughly enjoy the achievement of sawing a stick into tiny pieces!

During the final sessions before Christmas, all of the children across Reception are each making a special stick star that they tie together using simple knots. We will take these back to class to decorate and then they will go home at the end of term.

Mrs Rose

  • St Michael's has gone above and beyond to keep pupils motivated and connected to their classmates during the lockdown period.  

    Year 3 Parent
  • St Michael’s is a wonderful school. Fantastic teachers, a nurturing environment. It has suited our three children who are all very different in their academic and pastoral needs. Thank you.

    Year 6 Parent
  • There are so many exciting opportunities at St Michael's.

    Year 8 pupil
  • We were struck by the warmth and kindness of everyone we met; pupils as well as staff.

    Prospective Parent
  • Every day when I get to school I can't wait for the day ahead.

    Year 3 Pupil
  • I just wanted to say a massive ''thank you'' to the entire team at St. Michael's for making my son's taster day such an awesome experience. His exact words were ''I want to go there forever''!

    Prospective Parent
  • Thank you so much for creating an environment where all kinds of children can flourish! My boys have been loved, nurtured, challenged and celebrated at St Michael's and I am truly grateful.

    Parent of Year 8 Leaver
  • I have really enjoyed my 11 years at St Michael's and I'm very sad to be leaving what I consider a second home.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  

    Year 8 Leaver
  • "St Michael's makes your feel determined and encourages you to never give up on your dreams."  

    Year 6 Pupil
  • "My children are always full of excitement and stories to tell during the car journey home."

    Year 2 Parent
  • "We love learning because the teachers make it fun."    

    Year 5 pupil
  • "Pupils are taught great values and principles."

    Year 7 pupil
  • "There's only one thing wrong with St Michael's: the day isn't long enough!"

    Pre-Prep Parent
  • "Every time I walk into school I feel welcomed and the teachers are always smiling."

    Year 5 Pupil
  • "At St Michael's we work as a team: teachers, pupils and parents."

    Rachel Jeffery, Deputy Head of Pre-Prep