Staff List

Miss E Aisher
Data Manager

Mrs T Ashton
Swim School Administrator

Mrs J Beesley BA (Hons), PGCE

Mrs K Christen FCCA
Finance Bursar – Finance

Mrs K D’Albertanson
HR Officer

Mrs J Gray LCC Private Secretary’s Cert
Pre-Prep Secretary am

Miss H Grogan
Secretary to the Headteacher and Clerk to the Governors

Miss J Lovell BA (Hons)
Admissions Assistant

Mrs TJ Smith NVQ2 STLS
Teaching Assistant, Year 1; Pre-Prep Secretary pm

Mrs K Taylor BA (Hons)
Office Manager

Mrs K Voce BA(Hons), MCIL, Cambridge Cert TEFL
Admissions & Marketing Assistant

Mr M Edwards
Catering Manager (Brookwood Partnership)

Mr A Bannister ACIB
Assistant Estates Manager

Mr B Buggs
Maintenance Assistant

Mr P Callow
Grounds Assistant

Mr D Hooper NVQ Level 3
Grounds / Maintenance Assistant

Mr I Smith
Estates Manager

Mr S Wagstaff

Miss E Balcombe DipABRSM

Mr J Bennett BMus (Hons), FASC, MISM
Piano; Theory

Mr R Connell BA (Hons), PGCE, ATCL

Mr M Davies BMus (Hons)
Woodwind; Piano

Mrs J Dennett Dip RAM ARAM

Miss E Eno
Peripatetic Music Teacher - Percussion

Mrs J Fooks BMus (Hons)

Mr J Garside
Peripatetic Music Teacher - Cello

Mr R Maslin BA (Hons), Dip NCOS

Mrs D Mumford
Piano; Recorders

Mr A Tanner LLB (Hons)

Mrs S Beesley Cert Mus Ed (Trinity), Diploma Colourstrings Foundation
Head of Pre-Prep Music, French

Mrs C Briggs QTS
2B Form Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Mrs K David Cert Ed
2FD Form Teacher

Miss A Farmer BEd (Hons)
2FD Form Teacher

Mrs R Jeffery QTS, Montessori Diploma, BA (Hons)
Deputy Head Pre-Prep & Reception Form Teacher RJ; Head of EYFS

Mrs M McCracken Foundation Degree in Early Years, NNEB
Head of Kindergarten

Miss K Mitchell BA (Hons), PGCE in Primary Education
Reception Teacher RM

Miss J Rawlinson BEd
Pre-Prep PE /Games Teacher

Mrs N Rose BA Hons Early years Education QTS (GTP)
Reception Teacher RRS

Miss J Salmon BA (Hons)
2S Form Teacher, Head of KS1

Miss B Shaw B.Ed, QTS
1S Form Teacher

Mrs T Spierenburg BA (Hons)
Reception Teacher RRS

Mrs K Stibbons BA (Hons) Early Years
Head of Nursery

Mrs R Williams BA (Hons), QTS
1W Form Teacher

Mrs L Andrade BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS
Head of English, 8A Form Teacher

Mrs R Baisch BA (Ed) Hons Educational Management
Head of Years 5 & 6, 6B Form Teacher, English

Mrs T Barratt BA (Hons)
Art Teacher

Mrs R Bingham BSc (Hons), PGCE
Girls' Games Teacher

Miss J Booth BSc (Hons) QTS, Level 2 Swimming Teacher STA, Master Teacher Computing, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
Head of ICT and Computing, Health & Safety & e-Safety Leader

Miss L Cook BA (Hons) PGCE
Head of Learning Development

Dr A Dodd MPhys (Hons), PhD Chemical Physics, QTS
Science Teacher, 5ND Form Teacher

Mrs Y Dodd BA (Hons), MA in Education
Head of Year 3, 3D Form Teacher, ITT & NQT Lead

Mrs H Dudman ASA Swimming Coach/Manager
Head of Swimming

Mr T Fuller BA, QTS
Maths and Games Teacher, 5F Form Teacher

Mrs J George BEd (Hons) Primary Education
Year 4 Teacher, 4GM Form Teacher

Mrs S Grayland
Girls’ Games Coach

Mrs F Gruneberg BEd (Hons), NPQH, MA, AMBDA Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Access Arrangements
Learning Support Teacher

Dr L Heslop BSc (Hons), PhD Cell Biology, QTS
Science Teacher, 5SH Form Teacher

Miss H Lacroix BA (Hons)
French and Latin Teacher

Miss K Lambert BSc (Hons), PGCE
Head of Geography, 6L Form Teacher

Mr C Lopez UEFA A Licence Coaching Badge
Boys' Games Coach

Mrs C MacIntosh BA (Hons), PGCE
Year 3 Teacher, 3C Form Teacher

Mrs L Medd BA (Hons), PGCE, PGCSenco
Year 4 Teacher, 4GM Form Teacher

Mr R Morgan BA, PGCE
Head of Year 4, 4M Form Teacher

Miss A Murch BSc (Hons), PGCE
3M Form Teacher

Mrs E Neylan BSc (Hons) PGCE
Head of Science, 5ND Form Teacher | Science

Mr D Orpin BA (Hons), PGCE
Year 4 Teacher, 4O Form Teacher

Mr R Patrick BA (Hons), QTS
Head of Art, 7P Form Teacher

Madame J Poracchia B.Ed (Hons) MA
Head of Modern Languages, 6P Form Teacher

Mr A Powell BA Hons, PG Cert Drama,  QTS
Head of Drama

Revd Dr Diane E Rees BSc. PGCE. MEd. BTh. MA. DThMin. AFBPs. C.Psychol

Mr D van Schalkwyk Teaching Diploma (South Africa); RFU Rugby Level 2; ECB Cricket Level 2; LTA Licensed Level 3 Tennis Coach
PE, Games, Maths, Year 8

Mrs R Small BA(Hons), PGCE
Head of Maths, 5SH Form Teacher

Mr J Thomas BA (Hons) GTP, Level 2 Hockey Coach
Head of Boys’ PE/Games, Maths

Mr S Wade B.Ed  (Hons)
Maths Teacher, PE & Games

Mrs C Wade B.Ed
Director of Sport, 7W Form Teacher

Mrs A Begbey BEd
Art Technician

Mrs A Carlton Bachelor of Nursing
School Nurse

Mrs J Caswall HNC
Science Technician

Ms H Collier
Early Years Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Davies BEd, QTS
Library Assistant, Art Technician

Mr B Halford
Network Manager

Mr T Smith BSc
IT Technician | ICT

Mrs S Bailey BA (Hons)
Teaching Assistant, Reception RRS

Mrs J Barnes BA(Hons) Early Years, NNEB
Teaching Assistant Kindergarten

Mrs J Barton NNEB, Diploma
Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs J Cain NVQ3, Montessori
Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs D Clarkson NVQ3
Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs S Cooke
Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs C Crane BA (Hons), Cache Level 3 Diploma
Nursery Assistant

Miss F Elsey
Teaching Assistant, Reception RM

Mrs B Hearn BA (Hons) Education Studies
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Julio BComm (Hons)
Nursery Assistant

Mrs S Lake Cache Level 3 Diploma; SENCO
Nursery Assistant; After School Care Assistant

Mr C Lopez UEFA A Licence Coaching Badge
Boys' Games Coach

Miss S Martin BA (Hons)
Teaching Assistant Kindergarten

Mrs E Martin Foundation Degree in Early Years, BTec, NAT, ADCE, PPA
Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs P McCredie BSN
1:1 Teaching Assistant Pre-Prep

Mrs TJ Smith NVQ2 STLS
Teaching Assistant, Year 1; Pre-Prep Secretary pm

Mrs N Smith NVQ3 Early Years Childcare and Education
The Hive After School Care Manager / Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs J Wilkinson BTEC Level 3 Nursery Nursing; SENCO
Teaching Assistant, Reception RJ

Mrs F Wintour
Teaching Assistant Kindergarten

Miss N Chambers BA Hons, Level 3 Dip Teaching Assistant, NVQ2 Children's Care, Learning and Development
Teaching Assistant; After School Care Assistant

Mr T Cobb BA Hons Education Studies
Teaching Assistant

Mrs M McLean MA Geography, PGCE
Teaching Assistant AEN

Mrs N Neilson BA (Hons)
Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Newton BA (Hons); Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools; TEFL
Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Paizes BCom (Hons), OCR Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools
Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Pinnock Cert CII
Teaching Assistant Prep School, part-time

Mrs C Ward Teaching Assistant (NVQ2); Level 1 Swim Coach, ASA Rescue qualified; Netball Umpire qualified; Hockey Umpire qualified
Teaching Assistant Year 3