St Michael’s International Club

The International Club is a support and social group for parents who have come to Britain as non-British citizens, or British citizens who have lived abroad for at least one year. Parents of all nationalities meet to share in an informal way their experiences of living abroad and in Britain and help those new to the school community transition into their new lives here. 
Club members participate in a range of activities throughout the year, celebrating the diverse heritage and individual expertise of their members and have many opportunities to socialise together and share some experiences within the local and broader communities. These may include coffee mornings or afternoon tea, workshops (i.e. cooking class, life coach workshop), guided power walks and a London show, just to name a few. 
They also participate in school events by volunteering at Open Mornings, presenting at assemblies on their international heritage and hosting the popular international food booth during the Pre-Prep Sports Day.  Proceeds from this day are donated to a charity (local or abroad, as nominated and chosen by the members), or used to purchase assets for the school with an international flavour, such as bi-lingual books.  They also have a stall at the school’s Christmas bazaar. 
Founded in 2009 with the approval of the school, the Club is self-run and also self-funded, with funds generated through events hosted for members.  Please contact for more information.

Take a look at the fantastic cookery workshop run by former parent Mrs Rabe – wish we could have been there!

Fantastic food from around the world at Pre-Prep’s Sports Day!