Snow Homework

Please find below the links to your child’s homework sheets.  These should be completed and handed in to teachers on return to school.


Pre-Prep Snow Homework Link

Pre-Prep Snow Homework


Prep Snow Homework Links

General activities for snow days


Subject-specific work is below. Please click on your chosen subject to see the work set.







Geography Year 5:

Year 5 South American Country Case Study

Geography Year 6:

Year 6 China

Geography Years 7 &8:

Years 7 & 8 Diagrams



Year 6 please go on the Cambridge Latin Website
Choose Cambridge Latin Course
Online Activities
Book 1
Find the stage we have got to December 17 Stage 2 January 18 stage 3

• Read the next online story and work out in your head what it means. Remember if you click on a word , the translation is given.
• Practise the vocabulary on the tester
• Do the grammar games in that stage


Year 7 Please go on the Cambridge Latin Website
Choose Cambridge Latin Course
• Start at Stage 6 and work your way through as much as you are able to
• Story by story and using the grammar games and the vocabulary tester.

Year 8 Please go on the Cambridge Latin website
Choose Book 2
• Start at Stage 13 and explore the stories and activities
• If you want to challenge yourself, cover up the Latin story you last translated in your book and translate from your translation back into Latin. Mark your own translation by checking with the original. You can award yourself housepoints if you do really well!

Science Snow Days Work – All Year Groups

Year 3 Science:

Science Task

Year 4 Science:

Year 4 ideas and links

Year 5 Science:

Year 5 ideas and links

Year 6 Science:

Year 6 ideas and links

Years 7 & 8 Science:

Year 7 & 8 CE Work