Prep Religious Studies

The significance of religion in the founding of St Michael’s can be seen in our Chapel and the upholding of Christian ideals is embedded in the whole school ethos. Religious Studies lessons build on this background and through them your child will develop a firm knowledge and understanding of the importance of religion in our history and our lives today.

Whilst the study of world religions is regarded as important in the curriculum, the focus on Christianity is fundamental to lessons and assemblies. In partnership with our Chaplain, we wish to instil key Christian principles in all of our pupils, regardless of individual faith. The discussion of topical philosophical ideas and contemporary issues also forms an important component of lessons in Years 7 & 8.

In our weekly Chapel Services your child will have the opportunity to receive Communion and to experience collective worship. Our annual Carol Service brings together the traditional Nativity story with an array of impressive musical items.

Year 3 pupils learn about key aspects of Sikhism, including the Amrit Ceremony and the Khalsa.  Also, in Christianity, pupils cover the festivals of Christmas and Easter and look at Jesus’ Miracles.

Year 4 sees pupils exploring in turn aspects of being Christian, Jewish and Muslim, the beliefs, the places and structure of worship and those who lead the worship.

In Year 5 we focus on Hinduism, including Hindu prayer and worship, the role of Brahman and the beliefs of Karma, Samsara and Moksha.  In Christianity, pupils evaluate the truth behind the Christmas story and the significance of the Crucifixion.

Year 6 study key Islamic beliefs and practices and, in particular, Akhirah (life after death).  We also look at Christianity in the 21st century as well as preparing pupils who wish to be Confirmed.

Year 7 focuses on the CE Old testament stories and their relevance today, the Creation and Fall of Man, cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, Moses Passover, Exodus, Ten Commandments, Solomon and Elijah

Year 8 turns to the new testament for the life, ministry, cruxifixction and resurrection of Jesus, and  looks at Christian traditions, faith and its place in the modern world.