Prep History

At St Michael’s we are passionate about approaching History as a living subject which will help your child to understand today’s society. The whole curriculum for studying History is formulated in order to successfully complete the Common Entrance Examination which is taken in the final term of Year 8; however, the study of History encapsulates far more than exam preparation. We highlight key historical events through assemblies and themed days to build excitement of the subject; your child will go out on a number of excursions each year and will be encouraged to experience the subject through drama, music and art. We also link history to other areas of the academic curriculum including English and Religious Studies. We want your child to learn to love History and to gain an appreciation of its importance both today and in developing our future.

From the Egyptians to the study of life in World War II, Year 3 enjoy discovering and reliving the past and have lots of opportunities to create objects to show their learning.

In Year 4 pupils explore invaders and settlers including Celts, Vikings and Romans. Highlights include making round hut models and spending a day as a Roman.

Year 5 contrasts the study of life in Ancient Greece with the life of the Tudors. Pupils begin to understand the nature of primary and secondary source evidence

Year 6 pupils look at slavery, empire and the Victorians.

Year 7 pupils study the Norman conquest, crusades, medieval England, crime and punishment at that time, the murder of Thomas Beckett and the Black Death.

Year 8 study the Tudors and monarchs from Henry VII to Mary I, the Plague and the Great Fire of London.