Prep Geography

Studying geography at St Michael’s Prep will help your child develop an informed concern for our world, and in particular the local environment, whilst recognising the impact of current events on a global scale.

The skills your child will learn as they study tectonic activity, weather and climate, geomorphology, economic development, sustainability and tourism, will help them across the whole curriculum: ICT skills; data collection and analysis and creating and giving presentations. There is a strong emphasis on enquiry skills and on investigating relevant and current issues; fieldwork underpins their work in the classroom.

Geography is an essential component in preparing young people for life in the twenty-first century; it has its basis on the interaction between people and places. As our world changes ever more rapidly, and challenges to the environment multiply, a knowledge and understanding of our world and geography is becoming more important in our daily lives.

In Years 3 and 4 we build on the work done in Pre–Prep. Using the national curriculum as a framework your child will be introduced to mapwork and will use compass skills, scales and grids to become more aware of their local environment. Pupils learn about saving water and the effect that drought can have on different environments. Your child will also develop their locational knowledge by studying Kenya and the U.K.

In Years 5 and 6 we introduce our children to some of the Common entrance themes. They learn about coastlines, rivers and tectonics and, through the use of the iPads, they begin to independently research current events and topics. Pupils develop their world knowledge through focusing on the physical and human characteristics of China and Brazil.

In Years 7 and 8 our children will follow a mixture of human and physical geographical topics: Tectonics, Weather and Climate, Rivers and Coasts, Transport and Industry, Food and Farming and Ordnance Survey Mapwork. In Year 8 all pupils will undertake a cross-curricular fieldwork project.

Scholars learn how to interpret and respond to data and use data and other sources to write extensively on physical, human and environmental geography topics.

The school site extends to 98 acres and rises to over 100m. The grounds include woodland, meadow and sports’ fields and provide an unparalleled opportunity for fieldwork. Throughout the school, wherever possible, the grounds are used to develop geographical skills. In addition there is an external field trip to Seven Sisters, part of the South Downs in East Sussex, which focusses on coastal landforms and processes for Y7 and a Y8 trip to the London Olympic Redevelopment site. The Y8 visit forms the basis of the fieldwork enquiry for common entrance.

The school aims to develop awareness, tolerance and respect for different cultures, and appreciation of the richness of different ways of life, thought and outlook around the world. We celebrate this diversity through our Go Global week.