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New Grammar School Law Examined


We are students from St Michael’s Prep School. We all live in close proximity to Sevenoaks, so we were curious to find out about the Prime Minister, Theresa May’s proposal for opening new grammar schools across the U.K.


In 1998 a ban was placed on the creation of new grammar schools, so if a new grammar school was to be built it would have to be an annexe. An annexe is a school that is under the same name but located elsewhere. One example is the Weald of Kent Grammar School in Tonbridge, Kent. An annexe of the school is being built in Sevenoaks, also in Kent.


We firstly interviewed some important figures and children from local schools to see if they thought it was a good idea and how it would affect them and their schools. Our first interviewee was the Head of Radnor House, Mr Paton.


Mr Paton said that, “As the number of grammar schools grow, they provide more and more competition for independent schools.” He later went to say, “more money needs to be spent on capacity on a grammar school level.”


We asked children from our school a few questions. Their answers are shown below:

BBC School Report Survey Graph 2 (2) BBC School Report Survey Graph 1





Our next interviewee was our school head, Mrs Aisher.

 She told us, “If more grammar schools are opened, more children and parents can have their choice.” she later said, “I am not 100 percent sure the exam process is as necessarily sound.” The exam process Mrs Aisher is talking about is the 11+.


In a response Mr Haynes, the Tonbridge School Head said that there was a, “greater urgency for providing good education for the mass population rather than the most academically able 20%.” He doesn’t however disagree with May’s proposal. Haynes also doesn’t believe Tonbridge will be greatly affected because it is a day and boarding school.



Our final interviewee was Mr Bower, the Chair of Governors at the Weald of Kent Grammar School. A question was asked as whether or not the new annexe in Sevenoaks would have the same Board of Governors. To this he replied, “No, no, defiantly not. The law was quite specific, that it must be one board of governors, to make it one school.”

Grammar annexe picture


This is the lady behind the law change, Prime Minister, Theresa May:

Theresa May