Year 1

Year 1 marks the beginning of the National Curriculum, where we build upon the firm foundations put in place by Reception. Your child will follow topic-based learning, which offers a fun and exciting way to find out about new subjects across the curriculum. In this way they have the opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth and in ways that are memorable and relevant to them.

With topics such as ‘Toys’ Journeys’ and ‘House and Homes’, your child becomes a detective, finding out about the world around them as well as further afield. Our wonderful outside area and vast grounds lend themselves to exploration within the children’s immediate environment. Their learning is enriched by visits outside school every term, to exciting places like the Museum of Childhood, Shoreham and Leeds Castle.

We look forward to having your son or daughter as part of our team of explorers!

In Year 1 we are aiming to develop the mathematical skills of your child to enable them to work confidently when using their mental skills and recording their work in all areas of mathematics. Your child will be encouraged to work individually, in pairs or groups and to develop their curiosity, independence and persistence. Our children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds, participating in investigative challenges enabling them to become confident and capable problem solvers.

In Year 1 your child will be looking at a wide range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction. Our children are given opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills to enable them to express themselves imaginatively and to communicate effectively with others. Building on their learning in the EYFS your child will learn to further develop their writing skills whilst learning about grammar and punctuation.

In Science your child will use observation and investigation to cover a range of topics: the seasons, animals (including humans), plants and materials. The scientific world is explored through exciting practical activities!

In Year 1 we have the opportunity to undertake visits to venues such as The Museum of Childhood and Leeds Castle, as well as to Shoreham village to compliment the curriculum. Many of these are cross curricular to extend your children’s learning. Memories of these trips and visits will stay with your children for a long time.