Pre-Prep Music

Music is important to us and we love to sing, move, play and listen through the school day. In our music lessons we all learn how to play the chime bars, recorders and a variety of mixed, untuned percussion. We can read rhythms and read music using a variety of notation as well as standard notation. We can write our own rhythms and perform them in groups and we can use instruments to help us to tell stories.

Our assemblies usually include whole school singing, classes of children sharing their class learning or children performing pieces they are working on in their individual music lessons.  Instruments taught in Pre-Prep are violin, recorder, guitar and piano. There is a bell ringing group, recorder groups, percussion group, 2 choirs and various instrumental ensembles. Our choirs learn all sorts of songs in different styles and from different cultures, which usually include actions and dancing too.

We celebrate season changes or significant times of the year, such as Chinese New Year and Spring, with various concerts and performances. At Christmas, each year group performs in a Nativity play or concert which we proudly present to our audience of family and friends.

Occasionally, we invite visiting musicians to perform or run a workshop for us or take trips to theatres and music halls.

At St Michael’s we understand and value the incredible power of music which develops us into creative intelligent learners from an early age. We are proud of our musical achievements and talent and we enjoy music throughout the school.