We love being active and playing games in Pre-Prep! We are lucky enough to have a big hall and lots of outdoor space to use for our PE and Games lessons. Your child will find a magic cupboard, full of resources with everything from balls in all different sizes, to dance scarves and ribbons, to bean bags, frisbees and hoops.

When your child leaves Pre-Prep, they will have learnt a huge number of different sports, both team and individual. These include; gymnastics, dance, music and movement, netball, benchball, football, mini tennis, tag rugby, mini hockey, cricket, rounders and athletics.

Our younger children spend their time developing their spatial awareness, balance, coordination and movement using all the different resources we have. All the children have swimming lessons once a week starting in Year 1.

Our main goal is to develop your child’s confidence and to instil a love of sport from a young age, whilst allowing them to have fun.

All the children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception enjoy at least one PE lesson every week. The children have opportunities to run, jump, climb, hop, skip and dance. We use a huge amount of resources and equipment to facilitate their learning and try to include both individual and team activities and games.

The aim is to develop the whole child physically and to ensure the children are both learning and having fun whilst being active.

In Years 1 and 2, the children all have one PE lesson, one Games lesson and one swimming lesson every week. The children are still developing their basic skills but through more specific sports and games.

Year 1 children learn gymnastics and dance in PE, and football, benchball, tennis and athletics in Games lessons. In their swimming lessons, we focus primarily on water confidence, stroke technique and general enjoyment.

In Year 2, the children continue with dance and gymnastics in PE. In Games the girls play netball and mini hockey, while the boys continue to play football and are introduced to rugby. All the children play benchball, tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics. Swimming focuses on continued water confidence, water safety, stroke technique, stamina and continued enjoyment of the sport. Year 2 have the opportunity to demonstrate and show their skills in a number of internal tournaments, including; football, netball, benchball and a swimming gala.

Every year, the children in Pre-Prep take part in a Sports Day in the Trinity Term. Reception start the day off with their Sports Day, followed by Nursery and Kindergarten and then Years 1 and 2 in the afternoon. The children take part in running races, fun relays, hurdle races, long jump and throwing events. It is a wonderful day filled with so many activities, races and games, and lots of smiling children and proud supporters!

Every year, in the Trinity term, the Year 2 children celebrate coming to the end of their journey in Pre-Prep with a very exciting residential trip to an outdoor activity centre called ‘Stubbers’.

The children and staff set off early on a Thursday morning and return the next day on Friday afternoon. The children take part in activities which include: canoeing, bell-boating, climbing a climbing wall, grass sledging, team building challenge and archery. They experience singing songs around a camp fire with their teddies in the evening, and then camping in a big tent with some of their friends over night.

It is an incredible opportunity for the children at such a young age and the trip creates lasting memories for them. They achieve more than they ever expected on the trip and return back to school with so much pride and a real sense of achievement. It is the highlight of the year for the Year 2 children and they are still reminiscing about it when they leave the school.