Old Michaelians

The Old Michaelians Association was founded in 1947 when it numbered just a handful of members. Today the Association is stronger than ever, maintaining contact with over 800 members throughout the world. The Old Michaelians Association is one of the oldest Prep School Old Boy Associations in the world and this year will celebrate its 69th anniversary.

The Association can trace its history back to the end of the Second World War and the first termly newsletter was issued in 1947.   The newsletter included contributions from current pupils and news of Old Michaelians. The first Old Michaelian Association meeting was held in 1948 at St. Ermin’s Hotel, Westminster. At this meeting, it was decided that “The Old Michaelian Club” should hold an annual re-union dinner in the Christmas holidays and a summer function to be held in Otford.

Our Old Michaelians celebrations take place annually, and we invite former pupils and staff to join us during the day to meet children and staff and in the evening for matches against current staff followed by a relaxed barbecue down by the pavilion.

We hope you will get in touch and join us soon.

Life at St Michael’s engenders a strong community spirit amongst its pupils, with the many pupils who have passed through the school gates coming away with strong memories. The Old Michaelian Association strives to continue this spirit beyond your years at St. Michael’s.

At the first Old Michaelian dinner, a Georgian silver porringer was donated to the club to be used as a “Loving Cup”. In the following years it became tradition for the cup to be passed between Old Michaelians at the dinner to signify the solidarity of the organisation and the responsibility that each holds for another. Today, the cup reminds Old Michaelians of their community spirit.

If you’d like to join the Old Michaelians, please complete the form by visiting our “Join the Old Michaelians” page or by clicking here.