eNews: Friday 18th May 2018

From the Head

For Zerrin and me, the last few weeks have been recruiting season. We both enjoy the chance to meet people from all sorts of different schools and to decide which staff will join us at St Michael’s. One candidate impressed us particularly this week with his creativity and humour and the preparation for his lesson which linked in with French day. It is this sort of attention to detail which makes each day at work such a pleasure for all of us.

Next week I shall be sharing with you details of those long-serving teachers who will be moving on, retiring and moving countries in some cases and after half term we will be sharing the biographies of all our new staff with you. It is always sad to see good friends and colleagues go, but one of the things about St Michael’s is that we do stay in touch and follow their careers with interest and excitement as their professional and personal dreams come true and we know that so many times people will come back and enjoy time with us again.

I’d like to thank the ball committee for the most to terrific ball last weekend. The decorations were delightful, the planting and shrubbery brought on site made a magical contribution to our arrival and the effective adornments inside the splendid marquee set the tone for a special and most enjoyable evening. I for one have so much pleasure from seeing parents and colleagues looking stunning and relaxed. Looking at the photo booth selection, I also learnt quite a lot about their inner selves! Music of a very high quality was performed, disco got everyone on the dancefloor and none of us quite lived up to the standards set by Dance Act at the beginning of the evening for entertainment. The food was delicious and the ball committee and their supporters worked hard before, during and after the ball to make the most wonderful evening for everyone. As if that wasn’t enough, an enormous sum of money was raised for West Kent Mind and I’m delighted with this outcome. I thank all of those who contributed items for the auctions, both silent and noisy and also Oliver Schneider who twisted the arms and clearly perhaps other body parts to elicit this huge amount of money for such a worthy cause.

Three cheers for the entire committee: Andrea Richmond, Claire Schneider-Price, Anna-Marie Mottram, Clare Merralls, Jill Walker, Jo Karir, Jules Walker, Lorna Sharp, Marianthe Goodwin, Melanie Winter, Oliver Schneider-Price, Ruth Batchelor, Tracey Scott, Suzanne Hirst and to Tracey Ashton, Sadie West, Charlie Parkinson and Claire Soper from the P&F who “worked” on the night. Every single one of you is to be congratulated. Magnificent congratulations to Ian and his team, who worked tirelessly and generously to put up and take down the sports hall marquee and prioritised supporting the P&F committee with endless skill and good cheer.

This week has been action-packed as usual, community choir rehearsals and successful athletics match, fabulous French Day, and all sorts of engaging lessons.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being at the Nursery evening to welcome parents. The whole of the current team spoke with eloquence, humour and wisdom to set out how they work to settle and engage the children; we even had a speech in verse! The parents there came away with a strong sense of the fun to be had in Nursery and how much the staff there love what they do.

It was marvellous to hear about the wedding that Reverend Diane conducted in preparation for the real celebrations on Saturday down in Kindy. We were very lucky to have some wedding clothes lent by the local Otford “Brides Dress Revisited”, one of our parents owns the shop. I understand that rings were exchanged and photos were taken. I look forward to seeing them.

We are delighted to announce the list of all those who are taking up scholarships to their senior schools and into Year 7 at St Michael’s.  We had a record year of scholarship offers, with some children turning down more than one scholarship.  We congratulate each and every child who has won an award and record and celebrate those who have chosen to accept one in this photo and on our honours boards.

Year 8
Name Surname School Award
E Holden Walthamstow Hall Academic Scholarship
Z Hudson Tonbridge School Academic Scholarship
H Martin Truro School Sports Exhibition
N Samuel Tonbridge School Drama Scholarship
L Weir Benenden School Music & Academic Scholarship
Year 6
K Davis Bromley High School Music Scholarship
G French Woldingham Sports Scholarship
C Kern Sevenoaks Academic Scholarship
B Sanderson Bethany School Academic Scholarship
E Willoughby Kent College, Pembury Sports Scholarship
T Bulley St Michaels’s Prep Drama Scholarship & Music Exhibition
K Cameron St Michael’s Prep Sports Scholarship
C Denny St Michael’s Prep Music Exhibition
J Fryer St Michael’s Prep All-Rounder Scholarship
O Goodwin St Michael’s Prep All-Rounder Scholarship
E Hudson St Michael’s Prep Sports Exhibition
E Osborne St Michael’s Prep Music Exhibition
P Parker-Swift St Michael’s Prep Sports Scholarship & Art Exhibition
S Parker-Swift St Michael’s Prep Drama Scholarship
E Powell St Michael’s Prep Sports Exhibition

Last night we were blessed with a very large number of parents and some very talented children as we celebrated with our scholars’ dinner. The scholars programme began four years ago and each year it develops into something bigger and better. Now those who stay on into Years 7 and 8 with a scholarship can be assured of joining a very special group of people and the performances from some of them last night were, frankly, astonishing. Lucy played Chopin on the piano with different time signatures in each hand in a beautifully accomplished performance. Nick gave us one of his scholarship drama monologues, cleverly chosen to show a teacher and pupil relationship both performed by Nick. Our newest drama scholars couldn’t resist giggling at some of the naughty words! Elizabeth talked about her journey to securing an academic scholarship and displayed a great deal of self-awareness, humility, determination, and resilience. Zach, who recently won a top academic scholarship to Tonbridge School, fielded questions from parents, staff and pupils about his experience of preparing for scholarship and it was lovely to hear his confidence and pride and to recognise that he was comfortable sharing the lows as well as the highs.

We were delighted to welcome Kim Wells, Director of Learning and Teaching at Caterham School. He gave a very entertaining talk about turning failure into success and inspired everyone present by his wisdom and excellent delivery. Add to this delicious food, beautiful flowers, thanks to my secretary, Helen, a proud group of parents and some wonderful staff and you have the recipe for a perfect evening. Thank you to Mark, Lisa and Michelle for the wonderful dinner and to our own exceptional deputy, Mary Bridges, who masterminded the whole evening and made it such a success.

The theme of courage, perseverance, willingness to fail resurfaced again in this morning’s assembly at Prep as 3P presented their TV-inspired Xplorers.

Next week I shall be away on inspection from late Tuesday afternoon until Friday morning and whilst I am completely confident that my colleagues and pupils will get on working hard for the week, I know that my absence means that my diary is under pressure and I am happy to book meetings during the last three days of the half term holiday if this helps parents to catch up with me.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the royal family, I know many families will be enjoying the chance to watch the royal wedding on Saturday. On behalf of the children, staff and community at St Michael’s I would like to wish Prince Harry and Meghan every happiness in their married lives. I shall look forward particularly to watching the church service as my own two sons were choristers at St George’s Chapel and occasions such as these were highpoints for me as a parent. I know all the choristers and their parents will be so excited about this weekend and that the music planned will be special.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend I hope you have time to relax and enjoy your family.

Jill Aisher


News from Pre-Prep

• Tuesday 22nd May: Year 1 Trip to Leeds Castle
• Friday 25th May: Sports Day
• Hats and all day sun cream please

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the hard working ladies of the Parents and Friends Ball Committee for a fabulous night out on Saturday. I think all who turned up to the ball, looking gorgeous I might add, had a great evening. Thank you.

We’ve had a busy but lovely week in Pre-Prep. French day on Tuesday was a triumph with a French café in full swing for most of the morning. A big thank you to Mrs Beesley, who did so much organisation for this as usual. We also hosted two teachers from Lady Boswell’s school, who came along to see how we taught French in Pre-Prep.

On Tuesday afternoon some of the Kindergarten children went on a picnic to Bradbourne Lakes, where they were delighted to see a baby heron.

On Wednesday The History Man came to explain all about castles and armour and battles to our Year 1 and 2’s. He is always hugely enthusiastic and really captures the imagination of the children.

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 1 children will be heading off to Leeds Castle. Please ensure your children are dressed smartly in summer school uniform with their blazers and hats.

Next week we are all looking forward to Sports Day on Friday 25th May. The reserve date is Monday 11th June, though the weather forecast is good at present. Come and enjoy the delicious food on offer from the International Club. You should have all received a letter from Miss Rawlinson confirming the timings:

9.15 to 10.15 Reception
11.00 to 12.00 Nursery and Kindergarten
1.30 to 3.30 Year 1 and 2

If our lovely weather is here to stay, please apply a high factor all day sun cream to your child before they come into school and provide them with a school sun hat.

Have a lovely weekend,

Zerrin Leech

International Club

Pre-Prep Sports Day 25th May – International Food Table

The International Club will once again sell savoury dishes from all over the world for the Pre-Prep Sports Day on Friday 25th of May. No need to bring a picnic, why not sample a few of our dishes? There will be over 20 dishes this year, our greatest variety ever, including food from France, America, Bosnia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Sweden & Thailand and many more cuisines to choose from. Most servings (except for a few items) will be sold for £2 each and the proceeds go towards supporting charities.

International Club

And for those who don’t know us: The St Michael’s International Club is a support and social group for parents who have come to Britain as non-British citizens, or British citizens who have lived abroad for at least one year. Parents of all nationalities meet to share in an informal way their experiences of living abroad and in Britain. For more information, contact us at intclubstm@gmail.com

Do join them for a gastronomic tour of the world!

Country Food Person supplying
1 Lebanon Fattoush Patricia Mc Call Ogle
2 Lebanon Quinoa Tabouleh & Hummus Naomi Buff
3 South Africa Bobotie Lilly Botes
4 Brunei Bingka Ubi (Tapioca cake) Waty Friis
5 Jamaican Roast pineapple & cabbage Salad and festival (fried dumpling) Silvia Schwark
6 Thai TBC Awn Rabe
7 Bosnia & Herzegovina Kljukusa (Onion, potato, cheese, courgette, creme fraiche, eggs, flour, polenta, salt and pepper) Amira Coric
8 Greece Greek Cheese Pie & Spinach Pie Vicky Giannakis
9 Vietnam Vietnamese Paper Rolls Jenny Johnson
10 Germany Fruit Skewer Katja Kern
11 Australia Fairy Bread Sophie Mitchell
12 Sweden Swedish cheese buns Elena Peysakhova
13 Italy Caesar Salad Victoria Igumnova
14 Philippines Bam-i noodles Sally Protopapas
15 Congo Fried Plantain Bananas Noella Mukoka
16 China TBC Yan Shi
17 USA Pasta Patty Hunter
18 Russia Russian Potato Salad ( potatoes, cucumber, salami, peas, onion, mayonnaise ) Marina Whitelaw
19 Lithuania Potato cakes & cottage cheese pie Birute Macedo
20 Portugal Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo Rita Heitamm

The Hive

Red, white and blue – but this time for the royal wedding! Click here to read our article and see our photos of the week.

Pre-Prep Awards

Gold Stars

Evie S for hard work in mathematics with logical and well-presented calculations
Amber-Lily E for being a polite and caring member of the class who always listens carefully to
instructions first time
Stanley E for brilliant running and jumping in PE
Sophie F for writing fabulous Alien questions
Herbie L for excellent phonics
Anouk C for great literacy work this week
Holly G for amazing reading
Pearl G for trying hard with her writing
Hugo H for lovely ideas for our postcards
Aran S & Liza B for an excellent newspaper article based on “The Big Write” at Prep School
Alexander S for exceptional writing from the point of view of Florence Nightingale
Jamie McD for working hard in all subjects, especially maths
Raven S & Jake L for amazing halving in maths
Nicholas S for enthusiasm and great use of vocabulary in our French lessons
Florence L for fantastic swimming

House Point Cup

Windsor House with a total of 90 points
Evie S collected the Cup on behalf of the House

Music Awards

Music Practice Cup: Mikayla M
Music Practice Award: Oliver S
Star Violinist Cup: Priya M

Judo Certificates

Judoka of the Week Award: Evie S
Gamesmaster of the Week Award: Alice P

100 House Point Certificate

Jemima P-B / Cissia R / Genevieve B – Dover

Alice P & Nicholas W – Rochester

Matilda M – Windsor

Times Tables Certificates

Daniel B – Gold

James R / Lucy A / Martha E / Lincoln M – Silver

News from across Pre-Prep

Knights in armour, picnics, Poohsticks, birds and bugs, butterflies, croissants and Keith Haring – life in Pre-Prep is a wonderful treasure trove of new experiences! See our Twitter pages for photos and click here for our gallery of photos from French Day.

News from Prep

External Music Exam Results Spring 2018


K Cameron Initial Level Distinction Trinity College
R Gallagher Grade 1 Distinction Trinity College
H Martin Grade 2 Distinction Trinity College
R Friis Grade 2 Distinction Trinity College



A Martin Grade 4 Merit London College of Music
H Wilkinson Grade 4 Distinction London College of Music
S Chugg Grade 5 Distinction London College of Music



G Schooley Grade 1 Jazz Alto Saxophone Pass ABRSM
A Scott Grade 2 Piano Merit ABRSM
L Poracchia Grade 2 Piano Merit ABRSM
P Rabe Grade 2 Descant Recorder Pass ABRSM
K Davis Grade 5 Descant Recorder Merit ABRSM
K Davis Grade 5 Piano Merit ABRSM
S Newton Grade 5 Descant Recorder Merit ABRSM


St Michael’s Year 5 pupil completes 30k walk!

Congratulations to L Watson, who completed the Volunteer Youth Project 30k walk last Saturday.

For the third year running, he was the youngest person to complete the walk (he was just 7 when he did it first time in 2016), following (literally!) in the steps of his father, Jamie, who did the same walk at the same age. He is part of 7th Orpington Cubs, who help support and walk the walk – 23 other Cubs from 7th Orpington walked on Saturday, starting at The Orpington Methodist Church and following a beautiful loop through Kent villages with a bacon sandwich stop at Shoreham and lunch at Eynsford village, with a looped return to the church.

A keen cross country runner and a rugby player, he also reduced his time by a whole hour, compared to last year! So came in 4th out of 255 adult and children walkers, taking 5 hours and 27 minutes to complete the 30Km.

Fantastic achievement!

Proud achiever
On the starting line

Year 6 pupil wins The Jack Petchey Award

Our congratulations go, too, to T Adesanya, who has been recognised as an “Outstanding Achiever” at Petts Wood Football Club.  The award was given for a very positive contribution to keeping the U11 Ospreys Team together when they were on the brink of breaking up as a team.  He did this by stepping up to take the goal keeping position, when it fell vacant, allowing the team to continue playing their league matches. Although not his natural position, he persevered until a new goalie was recruited.

Sir Jack Petchey, CBE, founded the Jack Petchey Foundation in 1999 to recognise the positive contributions young people make to society and to assist them in achieving their potential. The Achievement Award is a peer recognition scheme operating in grass roots youth clubs, youth organisations, secondary schools and uniformed organisations. There are currently over 2,000 schemes running. The young award winners choose how best to spend their £250 award money to the benefit of their club or school.

T Adesanya’s sacrifice and contribution was recognised by his club and his peers and he was nominated to receive the award.

Well done, we’re very proud of you.



Yoga gold for Year 3 pupil

Congratulations to I Sharma, who won gold in the International Euro Asian Yoga Championship “Mr Yogi and Miss Yogini” in Antalya, Turkey on 12th May.  He won his category and was also judged the overall winner across all age groups and categories.

The event was organised by the Turkey Yoga Sports Federation and the International Yoga Sports Federation. Top yoga athletes from 11 countries from Asia and Europe across all age groups took part in this. Ishwar’s father, Dr Vishwanath, won the silver in the same event.

Well done!

Wearing of sports kit after games

It has been requested by some parents that the pupils are allowed to go home after their afternoon games lesson in their sports kit. The pupils are already allowed to do this after matches and so, after half term, we will be trialling this after the other games lessons too.

This will affect Years 3&4 on a Tuesday afternoon, and Year 7&8 on a Friday afternoon.

It will be done on a trial basis. If the pupils then forget to bring their kit back to school the following day, or indeed forget to take their uniform home with them that evening, then we will revert back to our original plan of changing back into uniform after the lessons.

Mrs C Wade

Athletics Excellence

Our first athletics match of the season resulted in some excellent performances from all of the pupils who took part. We were blessed with a fine day and a very exciting finale, with the relays all being very close and very well-supported.

Congratulations to H Medlen, who broke the Year 6 100m record, setting a new time of 14.34sec. Well done!

Many thanks to all parents who attended and, of course, to the pupils who all performed very well.

Mrs C Wade

St Michael’s Sevenoaks Prep
384 374
Performances of SMS pupils
Event Name (time in seconds)
U9G 60m A Bowyer-1st-9.84 A Ogle-2nd-10.01
U9B 60m T Neville-1st-10.02 L Selvey-Clinton- 11.84
U11 G 100m H Medlen-1st-14.34 E Powell-3rd-15.42
U11 B 100m B O’Keefe-1st-14.53 W Owen-3rd-15.62
U13 G 100m K Lambert-2nd-16.09
U13 B 100m J Crossley-3rd-13.75 T Horton-4th-14.46
U9 G 600m V Kern-1st-2.16.28 L Blincoe-4th-2.22.41
U9 B 600m J Wiseman-1st-2.09.71 M Cameron-2nd-2.11.70
U11G 800m P Parker-Swift-2nd-3.03.44 A Tovey-3rd-3.06.56
U11B 800m K Smith-2nd-2.55.80 J Fryer-4th-2.58.38
U13 G 800m A Parker-Swift-2nd-3.08.15
U13 B 800m A Heslop-3rd-2.55.79 H Martin-4th-2.59.46
U9G 200m L Blincoe-2nd-39.76 V Medlen-40.28
U9B 200m J Wiseman-1st-34.71 M Cameron-2nd-36.17
U11 G 200m H Medlen-1st-32.12 E Willoughby-4th-36.05
U11 B 200m H Wilkinson-1st-31.86 W Owen-2nd-33.80
U13 G 200m S Adesanya-2nd-33.86 E Holden-4th-38.86
U13 B 200m H Martin-2nd-30.28 A Heslop-4th-35.59
U 9 G Relay 1st-1.13.07
U9 B Relay 1st-1.07.69
U11 G Relay 1st-1.04.20
U11 B Relay 1st-1.03.12
U13 G Relay 2nd-1.09.33
U13 B Relay 2nd-1.00.15
U9 G Long Jump A Ogle-1st-2.89m A Bowyer-4th-2.38m
U9 B Long Jump T Neville-1st-3.17m M Cameron-3rd-3.01m
U11 G Long Jump A Tovey-3rd-3.18m E Powell-4th-3.03m
U11 B Long Jump T Adesanya-2nd-3.94m H Wilkinson-4th-3.53m
U13 G Long Jump A Parker-Swift-2nd-3.73m S Adesanya-4th
U13 B Long Jump J Crossley-2nd-4.50m H Martin-3rd-4.34m
U9 G Ball Throw V Kern-2nd-19.63m V Medlen-4th-17.01m
U9 B Ball Throw L Selvey-Clinton-2nd-29.26m J Bomphrey-3rd-28.00m
U11 G Ball Throw P Parker-Swift-1st-30.72m E Willoughby-2nd-26.46m
U11 B Ball Throw B O’Keefe-1st-42.67m K Smith-3rd-36.21m
U13 G Ball Throw K Lambert-2nd-22.75m E Holden-3rd-18.42m
U13 B Ball Throw O Pryal-2nd-49.06m T Horton-3rd-46.10m

Summer Drama Workshop

We’re delighted to offer a one-week Summer Drama Workshop, led by Mr Powell, Mrs Woods and Mrs Kerry, to young people (St Michael’s and non-St Michael’s pupils) from Year 6 (starting Michaelmas Sept 2018) upwards.

Please click here for full information.

More news from Prep

The Global Ambassadors have been busy spreading their message.  This week was the turn of the Eco Team. See our Facebook page for details of their work.

Click here for our gallery of photos from French Day.

Sports News

Players of the Match, week commencing 14th May 2018

Team Name Given for……
1st Cricket O Pryal 83 not out
U13B F Foresti 9 not out
Colts A H Nix For tight bowling
Colts B The whole team Superb bowling and fielding
Colts C A Paizes 10 not out and good bowling
Colts D T Lister St. George Good bowling and batting
U9 A J Bomphrey Good batting and bowling
U9 B D Little Good batting
U9 C R Mayhew Good bowling
U8 A J Pathiwill  & W Botes Good batting and bowling
U8 B O Gasson Good bowling and fielding
U13 A Rounders S Adesanya


E Holden

Voted for by the opposition for good hitting.

For great fielding on 2nd post

U11 A P Parker Swift & C Kern Good fielding and batting
U11 B P Rabe

E Powell

Good batting

Good fielding

U10 A E Ward

M Winter

Good batting

Great bowling

U10 B D Stephens

A Ulens

Voted for by the opposition

Good fielding on 2nd post

U9 A V Kern

V Medlen

Scoring 5 ½ rounders

Accurate bowling

U9 B S Figueiredo-Fernandes Good backing-up
U8 A G Owen Good batting
U8 B B Hayward Good bowling

Summer Sports Camps

Save the dates! Booking forms will be available shortly for the summer sports camps:

Hockey Camp at Hollybush August 20th-24th – for further information please contact Mr Thomas on jnthomas88@outlook.com

Senior School Open Days

These can now be found on our Senior School page. 

In addition, please click here to access the document detailing Secondary School Open Events

Latest News

Royal Wedding fever has officially hit the Hive. We’ve been hanging up Union Jack bunting, making flags, crowns and tiaras and have made a beautiful window display of a horse and carriage, guards and flag waving children.

Our mannequin has been dressed in an outfit fit for a princess and looks stunning in her Union Jack playing card and bunting dress.

We’ve iced fairy cakes in red, white and blue and designed delightful porcelain mugs of Prince Harry and Meghan.

The royal theme continued in our wooden blocks area, with a sentry box and Buckingham Palace under construction!

Thank you everyone for making this week royally special.

Mrs N Smith and Miss N Chambers

Once again our pupils (and staff!) were invited to come to school dressed in bleu, blanc et rouge. Throughout the day, Prep pupils were welcomed into lessons in French and some teachers even ran their full lessons en français. As Years 6 and 7 watched a video about the top 10 tourist attractions in France, Year 8 were doing their CE French Listening exam and Years 3, 4 and 5 attended chapel with Rev Diane, who celebrated mass with lots of French words and sentences. The children even had the chance to listen to a French prayer and the Lord’s Prayer in French.

In Pre-Prep, the children dressed up in the colours of the French flag and there were some amazing moustaches and berets. We had a French assembly and we learnt about life in a French School, wonderful places to visit in Paris and some “funny facts” including not being allowed to take snails on a high speed train without a ticket! Children visited the French Café and bought a croissant or pain au chocolat to have with chocolat chaud.

In Prep school, our Year 7 mums kindly prepared a French snack of pain au chocolat and a grenadine (French berry squash). Money raised is going towards a special treat during our Year 7 Paris trip. Merci!

For lunch, children in both parts of the school were lucky enough to sample saucisson, brie, baguette, boeuf bourguignon, haricots verts, purée de pommes de terre, quiches and delicious homemade éclairs au chocolat. Some even tried Mark’s delicious escargots à l’ail! Well done for being so adventurous. C’était fantastique!

A l’année prochaine (Let’s do it again next year!).

Madame Poracchia and Mrs Beesley

Click here to see our gallery of photos


Sunshine, smiles and laughter described the atmosphere in the Hive this week. Our glorious newspaper skirt from last week was modelled by our children on Tuesday and our creative designers have started a new skirt using bin bag liners entwined with patterned fabric, by the end of the day it looked like a gorgeous catwalk outfit.  We’re experimenting with an innovative way of making pictures too, using nothing else but glue.

Innovation didn’t stop there! The wooden blocks have been turned into an amazing Ice cream van, a creative-looking house with windows, a kitchen area where the children were pretending to eat doughnuts and a bedroom with cushions.

In our “real” kitchen, we made delicious cookies with chocolate chips; the smell of fresh baking filled the Hive and gave a warm welcome to everyone who arrived.

We’ve been making the most of the warm weather and the children have been playing badminton, doing the limbo and skipping. Some made daisy chains and we even had chins glowing as buttercups were placed underneath chins to prove many children love butter.

Thank you everyone for a super week and fantastic creations.

Mrs Smith and Miss Chambers



A crime has been committed in the grounds of St Michael’s and Year 2 and 3 detectives are investigating! The Big Write took place last week, the crime scene showed that someone, or something, had come into the school grounds and deposited a range of unusual objects. The maintenance team had dutifully cordoned it off and the children set off in groups to explore the scene, making notes, gathering evidence and discussing what they had found. When they had finished they went back to the school and created “Wanted” posters for who or what they thought had committed the crime. Some of the children described the scene in case we needed it for evidence later. On Friday, Year 2 wrote newspaper reports about what had happened. It was great fun!

Miss Salmon, Miss Farmer, Mrs David, Miss Pearce and Miss Murch

Click here to see our gallery of photos.