eNews: Friday 14th September 2018

From the Head

At the end of our first full week of term there has been so much to enjoy around the school and I was lucky that with my companion Lucy for her day as Headteacher, I have been able to walk around the site and enjoy what the children have been learning and my colleagues have been offering.

In many quiet maths lessons around Prep this morning there were industrious children working with number lines, negative numbers, doubling, rearranging and discussing the methods for all of the above. From my window we spied children plotting the distance of the planets outside using streams of toilet paper as the visuals for the distance!

I was amused that Mr Powell asked the new Headteacher for an afternoon off and was firmly told that this would not be possible. Lucy chatted to a prospective parent about what it was like to be a pupil at the school, helped me and Mrs Dodd on lunch duty, made conversation with the teachers over lunch and wrote her own newsletter article which appears below.

It was fun to have the photos emerging from the Year 8 trip this week, which seems to have been a resounding success. I know that the quality of the work undertaken has been impressive and I thank all the staff involved in this extremely well-designed experience.

Mr Wiseman seems to have had more than his fair share of campfires in the last seven days as on Friday night, prior to leading the walk through the woods in the dark with Year 7, he was toasting marshmallows with them on a brazier and yesterday evening in Bore Place with Year 8 they built an impressive wood fire and sat around it.

These are the things that children remember about their school days and we love making these memories for them.

Next week I look forward to meeting some Pre-Prep parents at their coffee mornings where these don’t clash with my own teaching. We will also welcome Year 7 parents to their evening on Wednesday and some of you may also be at the Parents and Friends inaugural meeting on Tuesday at 8pm in the library in Prep. We wish Oliver Schneider the very best of luck as he takes over as chair alongside his full-time work and again congratulate Claire Soper and Sadie West for their fantastic term in office as co-chairs.

I look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday at the football tournament and wish you all a restful time as a family this weekend.

Jill Aisher

My Day as Headteacher

My name is Lucy and I am going to tell you about my day as the Headteacher . I was very curious because I didn’t know what a Headteacher did but now I know. First I got a staff badge, it was very smart and I had a look at the timetable of a Headteacher’s week. It was VERY busy . Next it was assembly; I sat on a teacher’s chair . In assembly we said prayers and sang songs, inside I felt very jumpy and happy. After that I looked around part of the school. Every time I walked into a room everyone stood up! I felt very important, then I went to the staff room it wasn’t that messy. I had a drink and a biscuit YUM. Then we had a few meetings; this was all very new because I had never been in a meeting before – I was having a very busy day. Then I had break. After break I took a PSHE lesson I was having such a fun time . The next thing I did was finish the tour of the school, everyone was very confused they didn’t know why I was not in my own lesson. Then we had early lunch . I used a china plate like a teacher. Then I was on lunch duty I felt like a grown up. After that I had my break. That was quite fun. In the afternoon I wrote my newsletter article. In conclusion I think I would like to be a Head myself because I get to help people.


News from Pre-Prep

Coffee Mornings from 8.45am in the Pre-Prep dining room
• Year 2 Monday 17th September
• Year 1 Tuesday 18th
• Reception Wednesday 19th
• Kindergarten Thursday 20th
• Nursery (Mon/Wed/Fri) 21st
• Nursery (Tues/Thurs) Tuesday 25th

Our first full week of term and it’s as though we have never been away.  Miss Rawlinson has taken games lessons in the sunshine.  Children have quickly become used to their new teachers and have begun to realise the expectations of being in the next class up.

Our Harvest Festival this year will be on Friday 28th September. As in previous years, our Year 1 children will lead this assembly, so if you are a Year 1 parent you are welcome to join in our assembly.

We will be continuing to support the Trussell Trust by collecting as much food, cleaning products and toiletries as we can, to supply their food bank in Swanley. If you wish to donate, please bring food into Pre-Prep from Monday 17th and leave it with Jane or TJ in the office. Please see the list of items that Trussell Trust particularly need further in our newsletter.

I hope to see as many of you as can make it at the coffee mornings next week. There will be time for you to ask any questions and for me to pass on any additional information to your year group. I would like to set up some dates for parent workshops so I will be interested in your views as to the topics you would like covered.

Child: Where have you been?
Teacher: On a training course
Child: Did you actually get to drive the train?

Have a lovely weekend.

Zerrin Leech

Whole School News

Looking for Stall Holders – St Michael’s Xmas Bazaar

The St Michael’s Christmas Bazaar will be held this year on Saturday 1st December from 12-3pm. As always, we will be looking for stall holders to come and join us to sell their products.

If you know of a family member, friend or acquaintance who may like to book a stall, please have them email us at xmasbazaarstm@gmail.com and we will make contact with them.

Thank you!
St Michael’s P & F

Prep and Pre-Prep collecting for Harvest Festival

We are collecting for the Harvest Festival and would be grateful for any donations of dry food, tins, packets and non-perishables.

These can be brought in at any time and deposited at the Prep School reception.

Mr Wiseman

The following items would be much appreciated:

Fruit juice (not chilled)
Dried Milk Powder
Cooking Sauces (tins/packets or jars)
UHT Milk
Instant Porridge Oats
Tinned Custard
Antibacterial Spray
Washing Powder/Liquid/Capsules
Children’s Toothbrushes
Children’s Toothpaste
Men’s Razors

Pre-Prep Awards

Gold Stars

Amelia N for wonderful singing in our performances
Isabelle D, Lottie E, Jessica H, Amelia Rose B, Chloe S, James L, Reuben P & Gideon M
for settling into St. Michael’s so well

Spirit of Judo Award

Alice P

Awards from Trinity Term 2018

100 House Point Certificates

Rochester – Mojola A

Swimming Certificates

The ASA Learn to Swim Award – Stage 1

Amelia N

More news from Pre-Prep

Nature investigations with Year 2 and friendship painting in Kindergarten combined with fantastic football fun for Year 1!  See our Twitter page for photos

News from Prep

Headteacher’s Stars – awarded for work completed in Trinity Term 2018

I Carman For a fabulous presentation about James Stanley
S Newton For an amazing presentation about Croatia, largely in Croatian!
J Absalom For an excellent magnet game
T Carman For a fantastic Egyptian pyramid
A MacRae For a wonderful wooden pyramid game
E Schwark For an inventive and creative Egyptian game
N Stinson For your amazing pyramid cake
E Ward For a wonderful Welsh presentation
R Gray For a super homework challenge, teaching us about the London Underground

Sailing success for Year 5 pupil

Congratulations are in order for Year 5 pupil I Johnson, who competed in the Firefly National Sailing Championships this summer and was the youngest competitor in a very windy, challenging week.

She was sailing with her Dad and they managed to win a special trophy race called the Marlow Cup and also the overall team Trophy. She has also passed her stage 4 sailing in her Optimist.

Well done! We’re very proud of you.


Reminder to parents from Mr Powell

I thought it would be useful to re-send some information posted last year with regards to dramatic performances in the school. We work on a three-year rota as follows:

Full School Productions-The School Play

First Year: Large musical ( all who audition will be cast)- This was Guys and Dolls
Second Year: Serious play ( small- subject to casting post audition)- This was Lord of the Flies
Third Year: Comedy/Adventure ( medium-subject to casting)- This is Emil and the Detectives
(All school plays are open, by audition, to Year 5-8 only)

The Year 3 pupils have the Christmas Play in the Michaelmas Term- all are involved.
The Year 4 pupils perform scenes from their Mask scheme of work in the Trinity term ( may be open to parents -calendar permitting; all involved)

Kind regards,
Mr Powell- Head of Drama


Prep School Play 2019

We are delighted to announce that the School Play, Emil and the Detectives, has been cast and rehearsals kick off this Friday at 4pm. It was once again a difficult process to cast, with only 23 speaking parts available from 56 children who auditioned from Years 5-8.

Mr Powell- Head of Drama

Cast List
Ida Tischbein: S Edwards-Matthews
Mrs Wirth : A Moore
Mr Snow : J Crossley
Grandma Tischbein : E Ward
Miss Zeittel: C Cogan
Man from the 177: O Goodwin
Miss Closs: T Elliot
Mrs Gans: A Anglin
Mr Tuesday: R Friis
Mrs Tuesday: O Crane
Station Master: T Sales

Emil Tischbein: T Bulley
Pony: I Davies
Toots: H Soper
Professor: R Landgrebe
Tuesday: L Blincoe
Hilde: E Collins
Helga: E Jones
Arnie: F Smith
Archie: H Plank
Silent Isaac: E Hudson
Petzold: S Parker Swift
Gerda: S Friis

Berlin Street Kids:
N Brown
S Ward
N Dandeniya
M Lewis
V Medlen
S Andrade

Film Crew on site on 25th September

We are in the process of updating our school film and a film crew will be on site on Tuesday 25th September.

Some general filming in Prep School classrooms will take place; please email Mrs Voce on kvoce@stmichaels.kent.sch.uk if you would prefer your child not to be filmed. The wishes of those parents who have told us they do not want their children to be photographed will, naturally, be respected.

We’re looking forward to sharing the updated film with you once it’s available.

Pre-School running club for Years 4-8.

St Michael’s mum and Sevenoaks Tri-Club coach, Penny Bulley, runs a running club before school on a Tuesday morning at 7:30am. Anyone in Years 4-8 is welcome to attend. It is a 7:30am prompt start.

Children should wear their own clothes and bring their uniform to change into after the club. It will finish in time for registration.

Children also need to supply their own breakfast to have following the club and before heading to registration. This club is free of charge.

For further details, please email Penny on pennybulley0@gmail.com

Mr Wiseman

Year 8 fieldwork and foraging

Olympics, urban surveys, organic gardens and pizza … Year 8 have begun their geography Common Entrance fieldwork!

Click here to read our article and see our photos.

More news from Prep

Year 8 have been travelling from World Gardens, via the Olympic Park and Stratford to campfires and organic vegetables in Bore Place.

Year 5 have opened Pandora’s box – but with a difference and Year 6 have been expressing their opinions in French!

See our Twitter pages for photos.

Sports News

Congratulations to St Michael’s Colts A team, who got their season off to a great start by winning the plate at the Haileybury football tournament this week!

Players of the Match – week commencing 10th September

Team Name Given for: –
1st X1 Football No Match
2nd X1 E Hudson Scoring 2 great goals.
Colts A H Plank Being an excellent leader, having a great heart when he got injured.
Colts B H Smith Good “no-nonsense” defending.
Colts C M McLaughlin Scoring 2 great goals-1 a volley and 1 direct from a corner.
Colts D D Little Great effort in different positions.
Colts E J Hassan Great passing.
Colts F N Brown He gave his all!
Colts G N Dandeniya Excellent effort and tackling.
U9 A J Pathiwill Good performance and scoring 2 goals.
U9 B J Chellingsworth Very good defending.
U9 C L Lattimer Good effort all round.
U8 A The whole team Won all 3 games.
U8 B J McDonnell Scoring 3 goals.
U13 A Hockey No Match
U11 A O Rowland Excellent defending.
U11 B D Stephens & I Davies Great defending.
U11 C No Match
U10 A No Match
U10 B No Match
U10 C No Match  
U9 A Netball I Pennington-Legh Great shooting, movement and passing.
U9 B P Malin & T Parkinson-Bonard Great shooting and good all-round play.
U9 C R Bedzrah Great work in both defence and attack.
U8 A No Match
U8 B No Match
U8 C No Match

Senior School Open Days

These can now be found on our Senior School page. 

Upcoming events include Brighton College, Dover College, Eastbourne College, Kent College Pembury, Radnor House and Whitgift School.

Latest News

Year 8 pupils began their Geography Common Entrance work this week with a visit to London’s Olympic Park and Stratford.  They thoroughly enjoyed collecting fieldwork, questioning the local people and the field sketching of the Olympic Park landmarks and features.

The two-night stay at Bore Place provided the opportunity to enjoy a night time walk to see the wildlife by night around the farm and a campfire and to forage for food in the kitchen gardens, followed by making pizza from scratch with the organic ingredients. There was not a crumb left at the end of dinner!

Of course a lot of fieldwork write-up” also took place!

Miss Lambert

Outside fun has been the bee’s knees this week as the children have enjoyed buzzing around and playing lots of games from football to gymnastics.

We didn’t want to miss out on all the fun while our older siblings were at the Prep Prize Giving event, so on Wednesday we enjoyed our own evening of fun and games, followed by some yummy pizza and hotdogs.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and kind words regarding all our exciting crafts this term, including our wonderfully colourful tie-dye creations.

We wish you all a spectacular summer holiday and we look forward to hearing all about your busy bee adventures in September.

Mrs N Smith and Miss N Chambers

Shaded by our magnificent copper beach tree, children enjoyed a splendid outside picnic on Monday, while chilling and socialising with friends.

Fabulous cartwheel displays, balancing completions and scooter races were just some of the things that have been enjoyed in the garden as well as some pretty nifty footwork and goal shooting as football fever came to the Hive this week.

An energetic splash here and a lively splat there as the colour orange made an appearance and joined in the tie-dye fun.

Our splendid papier-mâché elephant had a makeover and now proudly shows off his new coat of many colours.

We didn’t want Mrs Aisher, Mrs Leech or Mrs Birmingham to miss out on our tie-dying extravaganza, so we presented them all with dazzling T- Shirts and a colourful glue batik shopping bag.

Thank you all for a making this a vibrantly colourful and exciting week.

Mrs N Smith and Miss N Chambers

10 days ago, Year 7 went on their biggest trip of the year. Off to Paris and its surroundings!
You have certainly already seen a lot of pictures but we thought we could tell you a bit more about it.
On Monday, we had to wake up at 5:15am to meet at school at 6:15pm. We drove to Folkestone to take the Shuttle to Calais and then we drove for 3 hours to the centre of Paris. En route, we watched some DVDs and played cards (no electronics allowed!) and we stopped for a picnic. Once in Paris, we went to a bakery and ordered our food in French. The baker was lovely but kept trying to trick us. After that, we walked all the way up to the bottom of Montmartre where we got onto the famous merry go round thanks to the money we raised on French Day. We visited the church, which is huge and beautiful and walked to the Place du Tertre with lots of artists. We stayed there to have a delicious dinner at “Cadet de Gascogne”.

On Tuesday, we woke up at 6:30am to have breakfast of waffles, pains au chocolat, croissants, baguettes and eggs. We drove to Versailles but missed our visit of the castle because the French trains were on strike and everybody took their cars instead. However, we got the chance to spend time in the beautiful garden. There were some amazing fountains and music displays, mazes and some many trees and sculptures. In the afternoon, we drove to France Miniature where we saw mini models of famous French monuments and places. The rides were simple and sometimes a bit old-fashioned but we had so much fun. We later had dinner at Hippopotamus.

On Wednesday, we visited central Paris. We started with a bateau-mouche trip and then walked up the 1,669 stairs to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower where we had astonishing panoramic views of Paris. We got the chance to learn to bargain and bought lots of mini Eiffel Towers, some of us got very good deals! Later, we went to Musée d’Orsay to view the impressionist paintings and sculptures. Back at the hotel, we had an amazing meal in a private room and got the visit of Madame Poracchia’s bay nephew and niece.

Thursday was an amazing day: Disneyland Paris! We went on the rides and also visited the studios. We also did lots of shopping! That evening, we had a yummy dinner at Planet Hollywood. It was funny because our waiter was British but wanted to speak French with us!

On Friday, we drove to Stade de France. We learnt lots of facts about the stadium, we visited the players’ changing rooms and ran out of the tunnel. Then we drove back to Calais where we headed to the supermarket. We had to do a treasure hunt and also bought our own dinner. During the treasure hunt, we realised that we still have some words to learn in French: instead of buying cotton buds (cotons-tiges), most of us bought cotton tights! It was so much fun! Just before we arrived back at St Michael’s, there was an official prize giving ceremony and some of us won prizes:
Best bedroom (after a very thorough inspection!): Elsa and Sia
Winners of the supermarket treasure hunt: Hazel, Sia and Harry
Best bus driver: Washington (who has been driving the St Michael’s Prep pupils to France 3 years in a row now!)
Frenchman of the week: Ryan

“France Miniature was amazing and really cool because it was like exploring a small version of France! The rides were fun too.”
“Disneyland Paris is the best place on Earth!”
“I did not know that the Eiffel Tower was so high. So many steps to climb up but what a view at the top”.
“The food was delicious: we had so many steaks-frites and Oranginas”
“Merci beaucoup Mme Poracchia et Mr Powell.”