eNews: Wednesday 11th December 2019

From the Deputies

As we were approaching the end of term we took some time out, sitting on the blue mats in the corner of the sports hall (where all good conversations take place) and attempted to sum up the experience of the last few months. One of us is currently training for a marathon and, whilst reflecting, we realised that the running journey is a great metaphor for the Michaelmas Term. It takes you to new places, it’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. There are moments when you want to cry, moments where you do cry, and moments when you feel simply awesome! You learn new things about yourself, spend time thinking about others and sometimes the best experiences are when you when you share them with someone else, encouraging each other along the way. There’s been improvement and progress, although it hasn’t always been smooth. Some weeks don’t go to plan but at the end of it all there is a pride in what’s been achieved and rightly so. Hard work, dedication and commitment made it happen and now we’re ready for a little rest before we go again!

We loved celebrating the end of term and the festive season in the Carol Service last night. Beautiful singing, confident readings and excellent music sparked that magical feeling of warmth and community. Thank you to Mr Baird, Mrs Shield, Rev Di and all those who worked so hard to create such a special evening at Shoreham church.

Thank you to you all for your support and commitment to St Michael’s. We wish you all happiness and peace over the Christmas break. Here’s to 2020 and all that it brings.

Mrs Bridges and Mr Wiseman

Staff News

A warm welcome to Anna-Marie Mottram, who will be joining the Prep school in January as a Teaching Assistant.

Anna-Marie worked in Investment Banking before leaving to care for her growing family. She has thoroughly enjoyed volunteering as a parent helper in Prep and is excited about becoming a formal member of staff!

Having four children does not afford her much free time, but when she does have some, she enjoys reading, going to the theatre and spending time with friends and family.

News from Pre-Prep

• Return to school Tuesday 7th January

We’ve had a fun couple of days with the Cat’s Grin Theatre Co entertaining the children on Monday followed by all our Christmas parties on Tuesday. Thank you for providing plates of food for your children. This really does make life easier for the Pre-Prep staff.

Christmas jumpers were making Tuesday a very festive day together with Christmas lunch served at Prep school. I wish to thank our catering team who work incredibly hard to provide delicious meals all year long.

Thank you for the many cards and gifts you have sent in. It is really very kind of you. I know all the St Michael’s staff are very appreciative of all your best wishes and support.

It is always a joy to get the whole school together at the end of each term to review the achievements of the last term. Our last assembly of 2019 was joyous and full of brilliant musical offerings. Thank you to all our Music Department colleagues.


“Who knows what baby goats are called? It begins with K.”
Child: “Kangaroos!!”

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Zerrin Leech

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  • Drama trip to Disneyland Paris
  • Online safety at Christmas
  • Christmas Hockey Club – spaces still available

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Pre-Prep Musical Assembly

Pre-Prep enjoyed a wonderful piano and recorder assembly this week with fantastic performances from Mrs Mumford’s pupils.

News from Prep

Headteacher’s Special Award

M Noorpuri For a beautifully crafted book detailing key moments in history, with personal reflection

Headteacher’s Stars

E O’Dwyer For an excellent presentation about Ellen MacArthur
E Moriarty For an interesting project about the moon landing
M Macedo For a fabulous project about Laura Dekker
E Bax For a wonderful diary of a ship’s cook
S Bailey For an inventive response to Science homework through the creation of an impressive Lego pylon, with additional information
C Prongué For an engaging presentation about how you designed and made a feather wreath
J Bashford For a thoughtful and interactive presentation about Malala
T Gage For an excellent PowerPoint presentation which was very engaging
G Kelly For a well-presented and creative video documenting your own experience of Japanese culture and society
S Andrade For an engaging presentation and poster and diary about the Titanic
B Walker For an amazing video documenting the rescue of Feathers the Owl


 Sports Awards


Most Improved Player of the season
U13 Hockey E Torrison P Parker-Swift &

E Powell

U12 Hockey L Summers


E Collings


U11 Hockey S Andrade A Ogle
U10 Hockey I Pennington Legh

T Bax

E Bingham
U9 Netball R Romero A Clapham
U8 Netball A Pink U Osunwa


Most Improved Player of the season
U13 J Cosgrove T Adesanya & K Cameron
U12 H Soper J Maloney
U11 (from Colts) J Wiseman M Cameron
U10 (from Colts) C Hunter & O West B Cosgrove
U9 G Dulski C Wilson
U8 C Thornhill & W Noble W Pennington-Legh

Sports Colours & Half Colours




Half Colours Full Colours   Half Colours Full Colours
R Gray J Sales T Adesanya
A Mourgue-D’Algue E Powell M Blincoe K Cameron
E Ward P Parker-Swift X Prongué J Fryer
E Collings S Edwards-Matthews H Soper J Cosgrove
T Vafai J Maloney E Hudson
O Bowen
O Stinson

Inter-House Sport

House Football and Hockey Results

Junior House Football (Y3&4 comb.)


Colts House Football (Y5&6)

1st Windsor   1st Dover
2nd Leeds   2nd Rochester
3rd Dover   3rd Leeds
4th Rochester   4th Windsor

Senior House Football


Middle House Hockey (Girls)

1st Leeds   1st Dover
2nd Windsor   2nd Leeds
3rd Dover   3rd Rochester
4th Rochester   4th Windsor

Senior House Hockey (Girls)


1st Rochester
2nd Windsor
3rd Leeds
4th Dover

Junior House XC


Middle House XC

1st Leeds   1st Leeds
2nd Windsor   2nd Dover
3rd Rochester   3rd Rochester
4th Dover   4th Windsor

Senior House XC


1st Windsor
2nd Leeds
3rd Dover
4th Rochester


Swim Stage Certificates

Stage 3

M Macedo
C Zheng


Stage 4

T Staples
X Staples
A MacRae
E Bakharevski
H Haaxman
J Osborne

Stage 5

O Court

Stage 7

M Cameron

Achievement Certificate

E Wood


Swimming medals for Year 4 pupil

Congratulations to Year 4 swimmer,  A Ashton, who took part in the Medway gala last Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th December.

She swam brilliantly and came away with 1 Gold Medal in the backstroke event, 2 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze and 2 Finalist Medals in the U9 age group. Not only did she come away with this wonderful medal haul, she also achieved three Kent consideration times in the 10/11 age group category. Brilliant swimming!

Mrs Denton

ICT Awards

Digital Leader Technical Support Prizes

• 1st Place – J Bomphrey
• Runner Up – L Poracchia

Bebras Challenges

The Bebras Challenge is an annual event which takes place in November. The challenges are based on Computational Thinking. Pupils complete the challenges in a set time frame and, if they finish in the top 10%, they are invited to sit another set of challenges in February 2020. They compete against pupils in their age category all over the UK. All pupils in Years 3-8 were entered into the first round this year. The following pupils finished in the top 10% of their age category and are invited to sit the challenges in February:

• R Mayhew
• M Lewis
• C Prongue
• T Gage
• A Green
• Y Binning
• A Goodwin
• R Landgrebe
• L Shi
• O Goodwin

The following pupils received ‘Best in School’ certificates:
• A Lutzow
• C Selvey-Clinton
• T Staples
• L Lutzow
• E Schwark
• R Mayhew
• O Goodwin

Well done to all who participated.

Miss Booth

100 House Point Badges

Name Year House Grand Total
G Owen 5 D 109
F Merralls 6 D 135
A Goodwin 6 D 120
O Scott 3 L 108
P Mahil 3 L 102
H Brown 4 L 104
T Warren 4 L 114
V Medlen 6 L 112
M Noorpuri 6 L 115
A Madgett 5 R 100
Y Binning 6 R 117
N Dandeniya 6 W 102

Top Star Scorers

Surname Year House HP Total
Michaelmas 2019
O Scott 3 L 108
P Mahil 3 L 102
W Noble 3 R 71
A Ashton 4 D 158
E Wood 4 W 92
L Winter 4 D 88
A Jassi 5 L 99
G Owen 5 D 109
E Williamson 5 D 89
F Merralls 6 D 135
Y Binning 6 R 117
E Harrison 6 D 131
C West 7 R 75
N Staples 7 D 47
L Griffiths 7 D 91
E Ukwu 8 D 56
J Cosgrove 8 W 83

Senior Prefect Badges

T Bulley
E Powell
J Cosgrove
E Torrison

New Heads of School

Deputy Head Boy – J Fryer
Deputy Head Girl – R Gray

Head Boy – F Smith
Head Girl – S Edwards-Matthews

Latest News



On Wednesday, November 27 Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a Spelling Bee hosted by Mrs Andrade and Mrs Baisch.

Challenged with spellings such as synonymous, counterfeit, and accommodation, it was an extremely close competition with many tense rounds.

Winner of the Spelling Bee, Moyo in Year 6, triumphed with her correct spelling of the word ‘conscience’.

Commenting on her success, Moyo said: “I really enjoyed taking part in the Spelling Bee and was really surprised to win.

“It was challenging as there were some words I’d never heard of, but it was fun to guess the spellings of these words and apply what I knew about other spellings to my answers.”

“It was great to take part in the competition with my friends.”

Two former St Michael’s pupils have been selected for the final phase of the England Under 16 Hockey Assessments.

Lottie Bingham and Anna Faulstich, who attended St Michael’s until July 2017, have remained great friends and play hockey together at HC Knole Park.

Lottie said “ I loved playing hockey at St Michael’s and I am delighted that Anna, my best friend , has joined me in the England training programme that I was also selected for last year. We are both very jealous that St Michael’s now have a wonderful, new astro pitch at school!“

Both girls were also members of the successful Year 6 St Michael’s who won the regional IAPS and came 5th in the National Finals .

Congratulating the girls on their achievement, Mr Thomas, who taught them at St Michael’s, said: “We are extremely proud of Lottie and Anna and all they have achieved since they left St Michael’s. They were extremely hardworking in all their sports at school and it is great to hear that they have taken their hockey to such a high level. We look forward to hearing how they get at the trials and someday welcoming them back to play on our new pitch.”

Many congratulations to Lottie and Anna, St Michael’s wishes them the best of luck in the next phase of assessments.

A former St Michael’s student has been awarded an Honorary Sports Scholarship to support her excellence in athletics.

Harriet Medlen, who attended the school between 2011 and 2018, has received the scholarship from Sevenoaks School.

Harriet, who is in Year 9 at Sevenoaks School, said: “My time at St Michael’s helped me to develop my love of sport especially athletics and hockey. I have very happy memories of sports days and Mrs Wade taking me to IAPs athletics competitions. I am very grateful to all the teachers at St Michael’s for their encouragement during my time there. I am proud to have achieved a sports scholarship at Sevenoaks School and I am looking forward to making the most of this opportunity.”

And commenting on Harriet’s success, St Michael’s teacher Mrs Wade said: “It is great to hear that Harriet has been awarded an Honorary Sports Scholarship from Sevenoaks School. We are extremely proud of what she has achieved since leaving St Michael’s. Harriet is an excellent games player and an outstanding athlete. She was very hardworking in her sports at St Michael’s and it is great to hear that she continues to achieve highly. Well done, Harriet!”

Don’t judge a book by its cover, it’s the first chapter that holds all the secrets!

                                                       Year 6 and Mrs Yarrow pose with some of the First Chapter Friday books.


“Good readers, make excellent writers.” says St Michael’s Library Assistant, Helen Yarrow, who has launched an exciting reading initiative in the Prep school this term. 


Mrs Yarrow, who joined the St Michael’s team in September 2020, is passionate about books and believes children should read a variety of genres and authors before they choose what’s best for them.


Keen to implement this strategy at St Michael’s, Mrs Yarrow has introduced First Chapter Friday, a project designed to get pupils reading a range of books, rather than the same authors, characters and storylines over again. 


First Chapter Friday sees pupils receive a list of 10 books, suited to the reading proficiency of their year group, each term. Every Friday, pupils read the first chapter of a new book with their form groups before deciding whether to continue reading it in their own time.


Mrs Yarrow said: “The aim of First Chapter Friday is to help the children find a book they really want to read. 


“By exposing the children to books that they wouldn’t normally pick off the bookshelf, it introduces them to a range of subjects, and inevitably fosters their love of reading.”


Helen added: “Some form groups choose to read the chapter independently during the sessions, some listen to their form teachers reading the chapter, and some take turns to read different paragraphs.”


“By inviting pupils to read sections of the chapter out loud, the form tutors are also helping to develop the pupils’ language acquisition and public speaking skills. The challenge has many benefits to it.”



Titles on this term’s First Chapter Friday lists include both fiction and non-fiction books spanning a variety of themes and genres. 


One popular title is  Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill, which Sean C from Year 6 describes as “extremely interesting”. He added: “I really enjoy Shackleton’s Journey because it takes you on an adventure, showing you how Shackleton’s crew survived and what they encountered along the way.


“My favourite part of the book is where it describes how they escaped their sinking ship.


“Since reading it with my form during First Chapter Friday, I’ve enjoyed coming to the library to read more of it at break and lunch times.”



And explaining the planning process behind First Chapter Friday, Mrs Yarrow said: “I create the reading lists using recommendations from websites such as Love Reading for Kids as well as my own research.


“I try to ensure the First Chapter Friday books are 2020 titles to keep them in tune with modern authors and contemporary ideas.”


“This term I’ve included a range of titles focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement and Black History, as well as those written by black authors. Such books include The Faraway Truth by Janae Marks, Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly, and The Wild Way Home by Sophie Kirtley.”


She added: “First Chapter Friday encourages form groups to discuss the different topics linked to each book. It is designed to make the sessions an interactive experience which is both fun and educational for the children.” 



Other favourites from Mrs Yarrow’s reading lists include The Battle of Bubble and Squeak by Philippa Pearce, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson. 


Mrs Yarrow said: “Different pupils gravitate towards different books, but there have been some very clear favourites.”


She continued: “I get the children to read the first chapter of the book as it’s in these pages that the author establishes the hook of their novel. 


“Friday Chapter Friday helps pupils recognise the importance of a first chapter and shows them various ways they can make their writing engaging.


“One of the main aims of the initiative is to inspire the children to write their own stories.”