eNews: Friday 19th May 2017

From the Head

It was particularly nice to welcome all our scholars in Year 6, 7 and 8 and their parents, together with our governor Mark Weatheritt, to a special celebration dinner last night. We commended them on the work they have done and wish them well for the work they will do in the future and we thanked them for the contribution they have made to St Michael’s Prep. The pursuit of excellence is an exciting endeavour and as we focus on drawing out the best in every child, we find that focusing on the very top raises standards for all. The opportunities for excelling in music, art, drama and sport are equally important to us as is the chance to love learning, work hard and strive to put our knowledge to the best use we can. But above and beyond that, there is a strong sense of the value of consideration, courtesy, manners, curiosity and as another group of children set off today for their Curiosity Curriculum convention, the excitement will continue right up to the weekend. And excitement there was a-plenty as Bruno won the individual challenge competition and our boys then went on to win the Senior School performance challenge. Many congratulations to everyone who went to take part today.

Out in the wilds of Essex, a whole cohort of Year 2 pupils today woke up to perhaps their first night away from home. Experience of travel, change, challenge and collaboration is an important way in which we build resilience, co-operation and communication, all of which are life skills.

Sports this week have been extremely damp but pretty good by all accounts. We were delighted to hear that H Martin won the silver medal in his fencing tournament at the British Youth Championships in Sheffield.

Many congratulations to our Under 8 tennis team, who became the Kent Champions this week.

As the school looks forward to a weekend of celebration and music at the festival, I am only sorry that a significant birthday takes me away from this wonderful event which I hope everyone will enjoy. I am proudly sporting my St Michael’s festival friendship bracelet, crafted by Syrian refugees in Istanbul working for Empathy Action. This morning, we enjoyed a superb assembly presentation on Brunei from the Friis family which opened our eyes and our minds. With the appointment this week of Ali Chugg as Global Dimension Leader for St Michael’s, we formally acknowledge through this role, the fundamental importance of our wish to look out on the wider world, understand it better and play our part in keeping it beautiful and making it a fairer place.

I hope that the festival is a wonderful and happy occasion.

Jill Aisher


Whole School Notices and News

Working Together

IMG_0470 (2)

IMG_0477 (2)

All this year, many of our Year 7 children have given up their Tuesday lunchtimes to hear children in Year 1 read. In the past few weeks, Year 6 children have been invited to join them and to share books with both Reception and Year 1 children. All involved agree that it’s one of the highlights of the week!

Mrs Andrade

~ Guys & Dolls ~

Tickets on sale at the Stag Theatre!

Guys and Dolls (2)

Tickets are on sale – and selling fast!

Family and friends all welcome.

Please note Pre-Prep children are not expected at the evening performance.

Please head to the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks or to this page to purchase your tickets.

French Day

French Day will be on Tuesday 23rd May. Please make sure to dress up in the French colours (bleu, blanc et rouge!), and bring £2 for a croissant and a grenadine (French squash).


Madame Poracchia

french day

After-School Swimming Lessons

Please be aware that children attending after-school swimming lessons from 4.30pm should now attend Late Room and not Prep.

Mr Wiseman

Egg Boxes Required

Reception are collecting egg boxes to decorate their starfish costumes that will be worn for the Pre-Prep performance of Pirates v Mermaids.  Please can you put any egg boxes you have in the yellow box in the Pre-Prep office by Monday 5th June.

Many thanks,

Tracey Scott

A Note from the International Club


Pre-Prep Sports Day 26th May – International Food Table

The International Club will once again sell savoury dishes from all over the world for the Pre-Prep Sports Day on Friday 26th May. No need to bring a picnic, why not sample a few of our dishes? There will be dishes from America, Bosnia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Sweden & Thailand and many more cuisines to choose from. Most servings (except for a few items) will be sold for £2 each and the proceeds go towards a new World Map for the school and the Piano Fund.

Sal’s Shoes – Shoe Collection 

The International Club is also supporting Sal’s Shoes and will be organising a Shoe Collection. The collection will be for used or new shoes that are in good condition, paired, tied together and banded please. Sal’s Shoes is a wonderful organisation that crosses continents to make sure that your used, loved (and barely worn) outgrown children’s shoes are delivered straight from you to those in need globally. Please learn more here.

We will collect them for the next month starting Monday 15th May at Pre-Prep (there will be a collection box near pick-up area) and also we will have a collection box at the International Food Table at the Pre-Prep Sports Day – please do bring along your used shoes!

– Patricia

Chair International Club


And for those who don’t know us… The St Michael’s International Club is a support and social group for parents who have come to Britain as non-British citizens, or British citizens who have lived abroad for at least one year. Parents of all nationalities meet to share in an informal way their experiences of living abroad and in Britain. For more information, contact us at intclubstm@gmail.com.

Pre-Prep News

I am writing this before Year 2 go on the trip of a lifetime to Stubbers.  It won’t matter if the sun doesn’t shine, the Year 2 children always have an awesome time.  They come back exhausted but more grown up.  The staff come back exhausted but exhilarated by what the children have achieved; I am sure this year will be no exception.

Next week is our final week before half term.  We have Year 1 on their trip to Leeds Castle on Tuesday 23rd May while the rest of the school enjoys French Day.  In Pre-Prep our French Café will be open for business in the morning, serving everything you would expect, and patrons will be seated at tables with traditional red, white and blue check tablecloths.

On Friday Pre-Prep Sports Day will be a joyous day.  Reception start at 9.15am, followed by Nursery and Kindergarten at 11.00am.  Years 1 and 2 have a 1.30pm start on the Sports Field.

On Thursday and Friday lost property will be displayed outside the main doors of Pre-Prep.  Could you please check to see if any of the items belong to your children?  Anything left at the end of Friday will be bagged and sent to Déjà-Vu, the second hand shop, or put in the St Michael’s Recycling Bin.

The Prep School performance of Guys and Dolls will be at The Stag Theatre on Tuesday 20th June;  if you would like to take siblings or any performers out of Pre-Prep to watch the performance that afternoon then please complete a Request for Absence Form which I will be happy to endorse.

See you at the Festival!

Zerrin Leech

Head of Pre-Prep

Enlightening Assembly: Brunei

Children in Pre-Prep were treated to an enlightening assembly by Dr and Mrs Friis about Brunei.  We learned that Brunei is a beautiful place to live with fabulous birds and animals. Brunei has a hot and sunny climate and the land is mainly rainforest. The country is 17 hours away from the UK, via two flights. We saw pictures of beaches, forests and the royal palace. Decades ago Brunei became a wealthy country through oil and now has an opulent palace, with 1800 rooms, where the Sultan of Brunei lives.  We would like to thank Mrs Friis and Sophie for coming in typical Brunei dress, and to Dr Friis for his excellent, interesting and interactive presentation.

brunei 1

brunei 2

Year 2 Cake Sale

We are delighted to report that the Year 2 Cake Sale for the Kent Association for the Blind raised the sum of £130.90.

Thank you so much to the Year 2 parents for providing such delicious cakes!

Kent Association of the Blind (2)

Pre-Prep Awards

Pre-Prep Awards (2)

Gold Stars were awarded to:

Samuel B-N for great odd and even work

Xander S for fabulous mathematical problem solving

Millie B for fantastic doubling and halving work

William N for excellent understanding of number bonds

Max B & Elliott L for amazing work on capacity

Lincoln M & Aran S for good work on capacity

Wian B for sharing his excellent knowledge of plants in our science lesson

Teresa W for a detailed and imaginative Quest story

Ben C for independently writing a fantastic Quest story

Pre-Prep Awards 2 (2)

Music Awards

Music Practice Cup: Alexandra S

Music Practice Award: Max B

Star Violinist Cup: Anya J


Lexia Certificates

Anouk C-O for completing Level 2

Genevieve B, Sebastian M & Belinda B for completing Level 3

Florence D, Samuel B-N & Nicholas W for completing level 4

Erica W for completing Level 5

Alexander S for completing level 7

Ava M for completing level 12


100 House Point Certificate

Windsor – Cooper P

Leeds – Abigail U


House Point Cup

Awarded to Dover House with a total of 134 points

Kit G collected the Cup on behalf of the House


Daniel Plays Happy Birthday on Piano for Sister (2)

In Monday’s Assembly, Daniel (above) played an impromptu ‘Happy Birthday’ to his sister.

Piano assembly 1 (2)

Piano assembly 2 (2)

In Tuesday’s Piano Assembly Bronwyn played ‘One, Two, Three, Four, Five’ and Wian played ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ in a duet with Mr Davies.  Well done to both.

Prep News

Headteacher’s stars

H RichmondFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
A MooreFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
T BulleyFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
H SayersFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
A Parker-SwiftFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
E BrewerFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
O MaltarpFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
S StokesFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
A PorterFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
C BrindleyFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
S PryalFor making a wonderful speech at Open Morning
H MartinFor winning the Silver Medal for the Under 12's Boys Sabre at the British Youth Championships
P RabeFor a wonderful story about the Lady of Shalott

Congratulations also goes to…

H Martin who qualified for and competed in the British Youth Championships in Sheffield.  He won the Silver Medal for the Under 12 Boys’ Sabre.

H Martin

[Photo credit to Isobelle Cooper (Isobelle Cooper Photography), an Old Michaelian]

And to…

L Watson who completed a 30km walk last weekend for the Volunteer Youth Project.  L Watson completed his walk in 6 hrs 25 mins, and was the youngest to get involved.

IMG_1089 (2)

E Ward and L Weir who were awarded a trophy for their duet at the Tunbridge Wells Festival.

N Brown and I King who performed in the Spotlights Production of Hairspray, and received the Spotlights Dramatic Arts Medallions.

L Bingham and A Faulstich who with their Sevenoaks Hockey Team, took part in the Nationals in Nottingham on Saturday and won!

C Mottram who on Saturday 13th May took part in the Sevenoaks Town U10 Tournament at Wateringbury.

A Scott for completing a 3km run at Knole park in Sevenoaks.

X Prongue and R Saini – winners of the Great Yarmouth U9 Tournament playing for Sevenoaks RFC.  Their team scored the most tries and were 1 of 5 Sevenoaks U9 teams on tour.

Lexia Awards

Level 11

R Mayhew

T Anglin


Level 13

L Fraser


Level 14

N Staples

A Ogle


Level 15

A Moore

~ Summer Sports Activities Week ~

10th – 14th July 2017

Open to Current Years 1-8
Friends of the school

Please contact Mr Van Schalkwyk at dvan@stmichaels.kent.sch.uk for further information.

Forms will be available in the Prep School reception as of next week.

For all our stories of life at St Michael’s, please take a look at our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Sports News

Thurs 8th June – U9 A&B rounders v Granville (H) 2.30pm



Date – 17th May 2017 Rounders MatchesPlayer of the Match
U13 AA Parker-Swift for great bowling
U11AI Hassan
U11 BI Gascoyne-Day & F Tosh
U11 CNo match
U10 A P Parker-Swift
U10 BS Ross
U9 AMatches cancelled
U9 BMatches cancelled
U8 AMatches cancelled
U8 BMatches cancelled
Date - 17th May 2017 CricketPlayer of the Match
1 st Team M Fry (52 runs)
2 nd TeamM Jezia
Colts A J Crossley (42) & H Scott
Colts B S Benjamin
Colts C H Wall & G Hull
Colts EB Wright
Date - 18th May 2017 CricketPlayer of the Match
U9A O Maltarp
U9B J Sales
U8A J Wiseman
U8B M Cameron
U8C M Bathelor

IAPS National Championships

IAPS national championships 1 (2)

IAPS national championships 2 (2)

Crawley K2 Swimming Centre hosted the IAPS National Championships on Saturday 6th May 2017 where two of our top swimmers qualified.  J Benjamin in under 13, 25 metre butterfly with a qualifying time of 16.44.  He had a tremendous swim, finishing 7th in the first heat with a personal best time of 16.15.  Once the heats were finished he came 14th overall in UK, an outstanding achievement.

Our second swimmer was J Hudson in Under 12, 50metres breaststroke who qualified with a time of 38.88.  He really pulled it out of the bag in the heats to qualify for the finals in first place with a time of 36.16, a personal best.  Our knees were shaking as J Hudson took to the blocks in Lane 4 in the finals.  Although he was not leading in the first 12 metres he steadily moved up the field with a controlled stroke.  In the last 25 metres J Hudson smoothly powered to the front to achieve a magnificent first place in a time of 35.37.

Retired British Olympic medallist Michael Jamieson carried out the presentations. Jamieson won a silver medal in the 200 metres breaststroke 2012 Olympics and broke the British record three times in the process twice in the qualifying heats and once in the final.

The IAPS Championship gave us a fabulous opportunity to demonstrate what talent we have in the pool.  J Hudson and J Benjamin should be congratulated on being counted amongst the best prep school swimmers in the country.

Mrs Dudman

The Hive

The fun at The Hive continues, with the skipping competition record now at an impressive 114 consecutive skips!

When they weren’t skipping, the children got creative designing and painting their own space pictures and baking savoury muffins.

To find out more and to see pictures, please click here.


May Half Term Netball Courses at The Sennocke Centre

Poster age 8-10

Tuesday 30 May – Thursday 1 June

• Ages 8-10, all abilities welcome
• £75 per child
• Sennocke Centre, Sevenoaks School
• Come and play with an England U21 and U23 player

Tuesday 30 May – Friday 2 June

• Off season training to work on strength and conditioning and skill
• £25 per day or £80 for all four days
• Sennocke Centre, Sevenoaks School
• Come and play with an England U21 and U23 player

Senior Schools Information

Ardingly invitation to Boarding Experience days – open to all Year 5 & 6 children

Ardingly are offering a boarding experience to children currently in Years 5 and 6 during the May half term.  The event is open to any and all children who may be interested in boarding at senior school, they don’t need to be registered at Ardingly or even be looking to go to the school.  The purpose is to give potential boarders and their parents an insight into the benefits that boarding could have for them.

Booklets about the event are available in our leaflet stand near the white doors.  The event is supported by the BSA, who will participate in a Parent Boarding Forum on Saturday 3rd June.

The leaflet is also available as a digital copy via this link: http://www.ardingly.com/boardingexperience

For more information please contact Alicia Frankland at Alicia.Frankland@ardingly.com.  There is a nominal fee of £25 to cover all activities, accommodation and food.

Bromley High School

Bromley High School will be holding Year 5 Taster Days on 15th June.

For more information, please call Lisa Clarke, Admissions Registrar, on 020 8781 7000 or visit http://www.bromleyhigh.gdst.net/.

Eastbourne College

Eastbourne College will be holding their Open Evening on Thursday 22nd June. Please aim to arrive from 5.00pm and book online through the College’s website www.eastbourne-college.co.uk/Visiting-the-College 

Kent College Pembury

Kent College will be holding a Year 5 activities day on Saturday 10th June 2017.  The day gives the girls a great opportunity to get to know the school before sitting Kent College’s entrance examination in November. They will also be offering a boarding taster evening on Friday 9th June. For booking and further information, visit www.kent-college.co.uk .

King’s School Canterbury

King’s Canterbury will be holding their next Open Morning for 13+ entries on Saturday 17th June.  The morning is an opportunity for families to see the school in action with a guided tour with one of their pupils.  To book a place or for more information please call 01227 595772 or email admissions@kings-school.co.uk


Sevenoaks School Open Morning

Sevenoaks School’s next full school Open Morning is on Saturday 17th June, for which bookings can be made online now.  They also see parents on an individual basis every morning from Monday to Saturday during term time.  Parents can book a visit via the Registrar, Mrs Fenella Cournane, on 01732 467703 or regist@sevenoaksschool.org.

Tonbridge School Admissions 2019 entry

The entry lists for both day and boarding applicants remain OPEN but we anticipate that both lists will close soon and we therefore encourage any remaining applicants to register with us as soon as possible.

2020 Entry

Candidates for entry to Year 9 in 2020 should register for the Year 6 Autumn assessment by the end of their time in Year 5.  Please ensure that you register before the end of this academic year if you would like your son to participate in the assessment this year.


Latest News

It’s been an exciting fun packed week.   Children, staff and parents have enjoyed taking part in our skipping challenge.  Last week children challenged each other to see how many skips they could skip at any one time. This week staff and parents have also embraced the challenge and have been excellent sports at trying to get close to the record. Lots of fun and laughter has been had while children have counted the number of skips that their parents or staff managed to achieve.  Amber beat her own record during the week and still currently holds the record with an impressive 114 skips.

In art this week, children have had opportunities to design and paint their own space pictures and we have also made a start on painting our large rocket launch base for our wall display.

When not skipping, the children have spent their time outside playing in the tents, on the Didi cars, playing ball games and playing badminton.  Mr Halford joined in the fun when he popped in to see us during the week and enjoyed a couple of games of badminton with the children.

Finally in cooking this week Mrs Aisher was very impressed with our lovely savoury muffins that we made on Wednesday. The children had great fun measuring, sieving, pouring, mixing and stirring all the ingredients together.  The lovely aroma that came out of the kitchen as was they were cooking made tummies grumble and they tasted absolutely delicious, yummy!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in our activities. It’s been another great fun filled week!

Mrs N Smith


Belgian waffles, frites, chocolates, theme park rides….. oh yes, and some musical performances. Ask the pupils in Orchestra, Little Big Band or Choir about their recent concert tour to Bruges and these are definitely a few of their favourite things!


With sixty pupils on board our double-decker luxury coach we set off in fine voice with the Ed Sheeran album blasting out early on Bank Holiday Monday. Additional entertainment came in the form of frequent and witty commentaries by our fun-loving driver, Rachel. Following the Eurotunnel crossing, the short trip to Bruges allowed us just enough time to get checked in and enjoy some lunch before heading out to explore the old city with our guides. Fortunately, the rain showers passed quickly before our relaxing boat trip on the canals and we couldn’t resist the temptation to share our vocal harmonies with the passing tourists.


Our first concert performance at the original European School of Brussels in Uccle was a triumph of organisation and the children were a credit in how quickly they carried out their jobs setting up and being concert ready within a short timeframe. The performances were well received by pupils from five language sections in the primary school and we received a very warm welcome from the school director and his staff. The highlight of this particular day was still to come and following a short transfer to the ancient city of Leuven for lunch, we set out across town with Meike for a chocolicious afternoon of chocolate making and eventually the much anticipated tasting session.


Bobbejaanland provided the colourful setting for our next performance on the Kinderland stage and once again the entire set-up and performance was slick with terrific teamwork. An action-packed afternoon of thrills and spills ensued with some new peculiar and fluffy passengers joining us for the return trip! What better way to end a day like this than to have a pizza party back at our hostel with party games and a slightly later bedtime.


Our final day was spent exploring the modernist Concertgebouw in Bruges with an interactive guided workshop and performance opportunity before the much awaited chance to spend those Euros on chocolate, waffles and gift souvenirs. The soundtrack on our return journey consisted of gentle snoring from the top deck with a few bass snorers on the bottom deck; a whole new harmonic experience worthy of a performance in the Concertgebouw!


Mr Baird

see more of our photos in our gallery

Pre-Prep turned blue on Wednesday as the children dressed in sea-colours to welcome an oceanographer from Oceans Outreach joined us to talk to the children about our amazing oceans.  From Kindergarten to Year 2, the children listened entranced in workshops which taught them about oceans, cetaceans and the importance of recycling in order to protect sea creatures.

We now all know that the life sized orca in our hall is a member of the dolphin family and not a whale!

See our photos of the day here and in our gallery.


Mrs Leech

The sunshine has allowed us to play outside this week and the children had great fun setting up and competing in their own obstacle race; we’ve also made good use of the badminton sets and skipping ropes.  The skipping contest challenged everyone to see who could skip the most in any one continuous period; Mrs Leech joined in the fun but unfortunately didn’t quite reach Amber’s impressive high total of 64 jumps without stopping.  Well done, Amber you are our new record holder!

This term’s ‘Space’ wall display is another fine example of the creative and artistic talent of our young budding artists and they have added to it this week with some colourful rockets and space ships. We always receive such positive comments about our displays and all our budding artists should be proud of all their hard work and their display. Well done, everyone.  You are all bright stars.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and some of the children have started to make their dad a special gift, which I am sure their dads will love.

In cooking the children have had the opportunity to make some delicious scrummy cheese, tomato, ham and pepperoni pizzas … very tasty!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in our activities. It’s been a great fun-filled week!

Mrs N Smith