Friday 5th May 2017

If you’ve missed the fact there’s been a choir, orchestra and jazz tour to Bruges you’re certainly going to hear about it in the coming weeks. Mr Baird and his extraordinarily talented team of peri teachers gave our pupils magnificent opportunities to play together, learn teamwork on tour, be away from home and cope and travel abroad and make new friends.

It was a superb week for everyone involved. The contrasts ranged from playing in the auditorium of the smart European School of Brussels to squeezing between and competing with the fairground attractions on a surreal stage set in a theme park. We even managed a brief and rather moving performance in the Concertgebau of Bruges itself.

Beyond performing, we managed to create delicious chocolates in a beautiful workshop in a former monastery, eat splendid meals in delightful restaurants, have a backstage tour with a scientific twist around the acoustics of architecture and design at the Concertgebau, wonderful walking and boat tours of the beautiful city of Bruges with some fantastic impromptu performances in queues,  squares, restaurants and whilst walking down the street. My Twitter feed went into overdrive and I would recommend interested parents to look at the films and photographs we posted over the week as they capture, I hope, the joy and the excitement and the variety of this excellent week. Thank you to Mr Baird and to all the teachers who came away. An impressive, committed and talented team who were also great fun to be with. On the whole, wherever we went the children were complimented on their excellent manners and

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It’s been an exciting fun packed week.   Children, staff and parents have enjoyed taking part in our skipping challenge.  Last week children challenged each other to see how many skips they could skip at any one time. This week staff and parents have also embraced the challenge and have been excellent sports at trying to get close to the record. Lots of fun and laughter has been had while children have counted the number of skips that their parents or staff managed to achieve.  Amber beat her own record during the week and still currently holds the record with an impressive 114 skips.

In art this week, children have had opportunities to design and paint their own space pictures and we have also made a start on painting our large rocket launch base for our wall display.

When not skipping, the children have spent their time outside playing in the tents, on the Didi cars, playing ball games and playing badminton.  Mr Halford joined in the fun when he popped in to see us during the week and enjoyed a couple of games of badminton with the children.

Finally in cooking this week Mrs Aisher was very impressed with our lovely savoury muffins that we made on Wednesday. The children had great fun measuring, sieving, pouring, mixing and stirring all the ingredients together.  The lovely aroma that came out of the kitchen as was they were cooking made tummies grumble and they tasted absolutely delicious, yummy!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in our activities. It’s been another great fun filled week!

Mrs N Smith


Belgian waffles, frites, chocolates, theme park rides….. oh yes, and some musical performances. Ask the pupils in Orchestra, Little Big Band or Choir about their recent concert tour to Bruges and these are definitely a few of their favourite things!


With sixty pupils on board our double-decker luxury coach we set off in fine voice with the Ed Sheeran album blasting out early on Bank Holiday Monday. Additional entertainment came in the form of frequent and witty commentaries by our fun-loving driver, Rachel. Following the Eurotunnel crossing, the short trip to Bruges allowed us just enough time to get checked in and enjoy some lunch before heading out to explore the old city with our guides. Fortunately, the rain showers passed quickly before our relaxing boat trip on the canals and we couldn’t resist the temptation to share our vocal harmonies with the passing tourists.


Our first concert performance at the original European School of Brussels in Uccle was a triumph of organisation and the children were a credit in how quickly they carried out their jobs setting up and being concert ready within a short timeframe. The performances were well received by pupils from five language sections in the primary school and we received a very warm welcome from the school director and his staff. The highlight of this particular day was still to come and following a short transfer to the ancient city of Leuven for lunch, we set out across town with Meike for a chocolicious afternoon of chocolate making and eventually the much anticipated tasting session.


Bobbejaanland provided the colourful setting for our next performance on the Kinderland stage and once again the entire set-up and performance was slick with terrific teamwork. An action-packed afternoon of thrills and spills ensued with some new peculiar and fluffy passengers joining us for the return trip! What better way to end a day like this than to have a pizza party back at our hostel with party games and a slightly later bedtime.


Our final day was spent exploring the modernist Concertgebouw in Bruges with an interactive guided workshop and performance opportunity before the much awaited chance to spend those Euros on chocolate, waffles and gift souvenirs. The soundtrack on our return journey consisted of gentle snoring from the top deck with a few bass snorers on the bottom deck; a whole new harmonic experience worthy of a performance in the Concertgebouw!


Mr Baird

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Pre-Prep turned blue on Wednesday as the children dressed in sea-colours to welcome an oceanographer from Oceans Outreach joined us to talk to the children about our amazing oceans.  From Kindergarten to Year 2, the children listened entranced in workshops which taught them about oceans, cetaceans and the importance of recycling in order to protect sea creatures.

We now all know that the life sized orca in our hall is a member of the dolphin family and not a whale!

See our photos of the day here and in our gallery.


Mrs Leech

The sunshine has allowed us to play outside this week and the children had great fun setting up and competing in their own obstacle race; we’ve also made good use of the badminton sets and skipping ropes.  The skipping contest challenged everyone to see who could skip the most in any one continuous period; Mrs Leech joined in the fun but unfortunately didn’t quite reach Amber’s impressive high total of 64 jumps without stopping.  Well done, Amber you are our new record holder!

This term’s ‘Space’ wall display is another fine example of the creative and artistic talent of our young budding artists and they have added to it this week with some colourful rockets and space ships. We always receive such positive comments about our displays and all our budding artists should be proud of all their hard work and their display. Well done, everyone.  You are all bright stars.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and some of the children have started to make their dad a special gift, which I am sure their dads will love.

In cooking the children have had the opportunity to make some delicious scrummy cheese, tomato, ham and pepperoni pizzas … very tasty!

Well done to everyone who has taken part in our activities. It’s been a great fun-filled week!

Mrs N Smith